November 22, 2006

The Legend of Zelda

I love the Zelda games, and I can’t wait for Twilight Princess on the Wii.

The Legend Of Zelda Retrospective – Part 1

I never knew about the NES titles at the time (I started with the SNES one) and only played them the other year when I bought the “Zelda Bumper Pack” for the GameCube; having only played the latter, more complicated games, I find the NES titles ironically difficult…

The Legend Of Zelda Retrospective – Part 2

I love the SNES one; it still looks great, and I love the music.

The Legend Of Zelda Retrospective – Part 3

Ah, 3D; and I especially love Ocarina’s music, particularly Gerudo Valley

The Legend Of Zelda Retrospective – Part 4

I suffer from the problem it mentions here: I’ve never played Four Swords because I’ve never found 3 other people and the appropriate kit…

The Legend Of Zelda Retrospective – Part 5

I’ve always liked Wind Waker’s style; the simple graphics ironically seem somehow more realistic than some “realistic” games…

The Legend Of Zelda Retrospective – Part 6

I have no idea why this single video was split into two pieces…

Part 6a

Part 6b

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  1. Allan Smith

    Some outlets are saying the Wii version is the best of the lot – which if true is really saying something. I started with the SNES version also, which is possibly the finest game I’ve ever played. Now there’s the Wii version, the DS version and all the older games available via Wii Virtual Console.

    Sweet Baby Moses!

    22 Nov 2006, 13:08

  2. IGN say Twilight Princess is going to be the best, too; I’ve built up quite a collection of their videos of footage from the game…

    I can’t wait for Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass…

    Oh why can’t it be the 8th of December! Damn our linear progression through existence…

    22 Nov 2006, 14:33

  3. (Not that that’ll get me Phantom Hourglass, of course; I just really, really, really want a Wii…)

    22 Nov 2006, 14:37

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