March 19, 2007

Speaking of Voice Acting…

Follow-up to Sonic and the Secret Rings from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

It's a fairly old discussion (around the time of the US Wii launch, funnily enough) but I'm glad Twilight Princess didn't have voice acting - all the voice acting I've come across in games is absolutely atrocious.

Admittedly the only voice acting in games I can think of is the Sonic games for the GameCube and Wii - oh, and Red Steel, which wasn't perfect but it wasn't too bad because I didn't have expectations - but, from what I've read elsewhere on the Web, I'm not alone in thinking a majority of voice acting is crap.

Getting back to Zelda. The problem they would have is that Link has never spoken, as far as I'm aware, and if he has, then it wasn't in the more recent games. If they did have voice acting, then Link would theoretically still have no lines. This would make the conversations very bizarre, because it would really emphasise the fact that Link doesn't say anything if the people are actually saying things and he isn't, but they're still having a conversation with him.

Finlay, there's the fact that Link is supposed to be the player, the person reading his lines wouldn't sound like the player, and it would be impossible to find a voice that everyone liked.

So, to sum up; it is a Good Thing that Twilight Princess didn't have voice acting because:

  • A large majority of voice acting I have encountered in games is atrocious.
  • Link doesn't speak (well, more accurately he does, it just isn't shown in the text - how else could people have conversations with him?) which would be very strange next to voice acting.
  • Probably a majority of players would be unhappy with Link's voice anyway.

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  1. Motion seconded.

    20 Mar 2007, 00:16

  2. Seth

    Well i can’t speak for wether or not the zelda games should have it but as far as voice acting goes, apparently people only go on the web to bitch about it. There are several games with decent voice acting, most RPGs for instance (KOTOR for example), also the resident evil games… well at the least the recent resident evil games.

    I’ll admit, there are a lot of games out there that do have dodgy voice acting, but that is mainly a result of laziness and the fact that their budgets won’t spring for halfway decent voice talent… so the question is are you saying that the legend of zelda creators are lazy or cheap?

    05 Apr 2007, 19:15

  3. So the question is are you saying that The Legend of Zelda creators are lazy or cheap?

    Neither, I’m merely stating that a lot of voice acting I have encountered in games is quite bad, as well as having the occasional grating inflextion. I neither considered nor suggested any reasons for this, I merely inferred that future games could also have bad voice acting…

    05 Apr 2007, 23:41

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