May 13, 2007

So, BBC, was it worth it?

Follow-up to Blasted Eurovision from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Doctor Who, or us coming second-to-last?

I know what I'd rather watch (not that I actually watched the damned Euro-crappy Catterwauling Contest, but it's the principle...)

I know it's (I believe) ten years Doctor Who's senior, but they should ask themselves this: Which of the two is awesome, and which of the two is a steaming pile of bull-plop?


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  1. I don’t know why, but I suddenly have a horrible image of Doctor Who popping up in the middle of Eurovision and saving them all from a rampaging Albanian entry :S

    13 May 2007, 20:12

  2. Mathew Mannion

    which of the two is a steaming pile of bull-plop?

    That would be Doctor Who.

    13 May 2007, 23:59

  3. Why you little…

    14 May 2007, 13:11

  4. Seth

    you hold him down and i will get him with a sonic screwdriver… failing that i could always just skewer him on my sabre…

    17 May 2007, 20:18

  5. I thought sabre was slashing…

    18 May 2007, 00:22

  6. Seth

    pinky, i shall have to hurt you soon
    Sabre is slashy, but they do still have points, baka, you can still skewer people with them, it is just generally more convinient to hack them to death from your nice little horsey

    20 May 2007, 19:44

  7. generally more convenient to hack them to death from your nice little horsey

    Then why don’t you do that, then?

    20 May 2007, 21:55

  8. Probably because ‘he’ doesn’t have the horse, there is also the point that skewering has a more aesthetically pleasing imagery associated with it.

    22 May 2007, 19:40

  9. ‘he’

    That’s a good point: why weren’t you logged in? I thought you’d got bored of typing everything in each time.

    Probably because [I don’t] have the horse

    Well why not? How are you supposed to hack people to death from a horse if you don’t have a horse?

    22 May 2007, 20:48

  10. I only log in to check my insite, and i am far too lazy to log out simply for the sake of keeping my alias consistent throughout. Also, if i wanted a horse there is a convinient field full of them not 50 yards from my house that i could ‘borrow’ one from.

    22 May 2007, 22:00

  11. There we are, then; problem solved.

    22 May 2007, 22:04

  12. I’d rather watch that terrible “nil points” entry from the UK while sitting in a bath full of John Prescott’s week-old excrement than sit through a minute of that Doctor Who crapfest.

    24 May 2007, 21:41

  13. Some people have no taste…

    24 May 2007, 22:03

  14. Welcome to the primary Doctor Who audience, Richard.

    24 May 2007, 23:39

  15. I won’t delete that, because I’m not that petty…

    25 May 2007, 01:37

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