February 05, 2008

Since you're not Gordon Brown…

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7213460.stm

I've just watched The TV Show from Saturday (I love Sky+) and they had a section about Bremner, Bird and Fortune and how several people have complained about a joke they did. The joke involves two people sitting in a pub discussing underhand tactics that Gordon Brown might use to win an election. One of them says:

I don't trust Gordon Brown... I wouldn't be surprised if the night before the election he went on television and said, "look what I found," and held up little Maddie McCann.

According to the BBC News article I've referenced, Ofcom received 63 complaints about this.

I don't understand what people are complaining about; the joke is not about her kidnapping; the joke does not give any opinion about her kidnapping; the joke does not mock her kidnapping; the joke does not deny her kidnapping.

What the joke does is accept that this horrible tragedy happened, and suggests that a politician would be so depraved, so insensitive, and so desperate that they would stoop to trying to use the tragedy for their advantage.

The target of the offensiveness of the joke is Gordon Brown; the only people that should be offended are Gordon Brown and his staunch supporters.

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  1. I would say that that’s an automatic “How dare they make a joke using that poor little girl!” type reaction, as you have already pointed out.

    Lighten up time, I feel.

    05 Feb 2008, 23:36

  2. Quite possibly.

    And something else I’ve just thought of: the perfect defence for the joke is the fact that it exists, ironically; if they didn’t think the kidnapping was a tragedy etc. then they wouldn’t have thought it was suitable in the context of Gordon Brown abusing a tragedy for his own gain…

    06 Feb 2008, 00:07

  3. Some people are only happy when they’re being miserable.

    06 Feb 2008, 12:36

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