August 12, 2005

Insert Speeding–Car Sound Effect Here

I've decided I like driving on motorways; motorways are fun. Well, maybe not this motorway:

Spaghetti Junction

but motorways in general. It's just a shame that the limit's 70 mph; I'm sure I could have got BSM's Corsa up to at least 90…

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  1. Do some 200+ mile trips on your own, and you'll realise that the 'fun' soon wears thin!

    12 Aug 2005, 17:33

  2. I've just been on the Autobahn. No 70mph speed limit there… my little Fiesta was doing 110 :-)

    12 Aug 2005, 20:16

  3. Mathew Mannion

    My little Fiesta doesn't go past 90… Er… on my personal airfield? Definitely not the M42, oh no.

    If my 1.0 15 year old Fiesta can do 90, a newish Corsa can do far better :)

    12 Aug 2005, 20:29

  4. No they can't. A 15 year old Fiesta had about 50Hp (ish) and weighed about 700kg – 71BHp/Tonne. A new Corsa has about 79Hp and weighs 1100Kg – 72BHp/Tonne, not much difference. Besides it's a Corsa, it will break down not long after the laws of physics take effect. Small cars were never meant to go fast!!!

    S4… 145mph ahem.

    12 Aug 2005, 21:40

  5. Mine's a '99 Mk4 LX with a Zetec-SE – one of the sportier models, I'm led to believe.

    12 Aug 2005, 22:02

  6. Even so, she was doing about 5100 revs so I didn't stay at 110 for long. I cruised at a mere 90.

    12 Aug 2005, 22:02

  7. A friend's L-reg 1 litre base-spec Corsa hit 98 mph on a straight & level section of the A1 a couple of years ago. A newer one would do a ton easily.

    Engine technology – and probably aerodynamics, depsite appearances – are so much improved now over 10–15 years ago. Even a little Kia Piccanto 1.1l hire car can cruise up to 95 without even trying… so I've heard. Three figures wouldn't have been a problem.

    But I agree with John that motorways are boring; it's country roads that are properly enjoyable.

    13 Aug 2005, 00:06

  8. Only small cars never meant to go fast?? ALL cars were never meant to go fast, they were meant to carry stuff.
    Suzuki Hayabusa's are clearly the way for high speed travel! To quote the article: "Top Speed as measured by the Guiness Book of Records 2000 & 2004 edition is 317KPH" which i've worked out to be 197 MPH.

    And… I can buy one tomorrow for five and a half grand here

    Whereas S4s are about £25,000 and are more likely £30,000.

    But if we were to stick to transport we actually own then my current bike does 135 mph, and a quater-mile in 13.6 seconds, when I was last at Santa Pod. Who's got a car that does that? =)

    13 Aug 2005, 00:20

  9. Alright, I'll admit that country roads are interesting because they're curvy, and that motorways would start to get a bit dull, but for now (being as I passed my test only recently) they have the novelty of being 70 mph as I rarely get a chance to drive fast what with mainly encountering single carriageways

    13 Aug 2005, 01:25

  10. Ah, but some of us haven't got the balls to travel at 100mph+ on only two wheels…

    I love country roads too. There are some smashing ones near the Uni – just drive in any direction that isn't Coventry when you've nothing else to do.

    13 Aug 2005, 09:38

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