March 01, 2005

HTTP Error Message Haiku

Writing about web page

Here are the 18 Haiku poems that I wrote for the custom HTTP error message pages I created for my website:

400 – Bad Request

Your request was bad
Your syntax was invalid
Please try it again.

401 – Unauthorised

The Website you seek
Is hidden from view, and so
Permission denied.

402 – Payment Required

Payment is needed
Data not accessible
It's my fault, sorry

403 – Forbidden

The Website you seek
Is hidden from view, and so
Permission denied.

404 – Not Found

The page that you seek
Does not appear to exist
So please try again.

405 – Method Not Allowed

Method not allowed.
Possibilities include:
Connect, get and post

406 – Not Acceptable

Unaccepted file
Your browser does not like it
Cannot read format

407 – Proxy Authentication Required

Browser does not have
Proxy authentication.
Check parent controls

408 – Request Timeout

You ran out of time
The server closed the socket
Try clicking refresh

409 – Conflict

There is a conflict
Too many requests for file?
Try again later

410 – Gone

The website you seek
Cannot be located, but
It may return soon

411 – Length Required

Content–length needed
Try sending the file again
Better luck next time

412 – Precondition Failed

The browser or the
Server require a setting
That has not been met

413 – Request Entity Too Large

Process is too large;
Download too big to process,
Or upload can't fit

414 – Request URI Too Large

URI too large
It is too long to handle
Make it shorter please

415 – Unsupported Media Type

Server cannot read
The media you're loading
It's not supported

416 – Requested Range Not Satisfiable

Range not satisfied
The file does not fit in it
So please try again

417 – Expectation Failed

Requested action
Cannot be preformed by the
Wondrous pinkstuff

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  1. That is quality.
    I would come up with my own
    But my site's not 1337.

    01 Mar 2005, 16:38

  2. I bet your web server never actually produces some of those, though. Also, in 405, CONNECT is only for proxies. HEAD is the most commonly used apart from GET and POST, but DELETE scans.

    01 Mar 2005, 16:45

  3. I say, Luke, good show
    That's really quite good; you should
    Turn professional…

    Anyway, to get
    Back onto the topic of
    The error Haikus

    I wrote them because
    I was bored one day last year
    They're not that good, still…

    And Jon, you are right
    But the errors exist, so
    I wrote the Haikus

    You can't say that much
    With so few syllables, but
    I think I managed

    The main problem was
    To get them to rhyme and to
    Fit enough in so that they made sense without exceeding the syllable limit…

    01 Mar 2005, 18:20

  4. I enjoyed that lots!
    Actual laughter about
    Computer things – thanks!

    01 Mar 2005, 19:06

  5. So many Haikus
    I wonder what brought that on
    I just cannot think…

    02 Mar 2005, 14:54

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