July 06, 2006

House Rules for Monopoly

I've never understood the rule some people have for Monopoly that you can't buy properties on your first lap. All it means is that instead of the person who rolls the highest that gets to buy everything, it's the person who rolls the highest…

It just doesn't make sense to me, although it is funny when people keep getting sent to jail on the first lap.

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  1. Indeed, that is the "funny" thing. Especially when you get returned to Go as well. And someone else gets to buy his first set of houses before you've even finished your first lap.

    06 Jul 2006, 19:07

  2. The way we've played at home is to randomly deal out the properties and then bargain and do deals with each other every time it's our turn. Its much more fun and probably closer to real life! Of course, someone always wants to break the set to stop someone else building but eventually market forces force them to sell out!

    06 Jul 2006, 22:26

  3. I love that everyone has their own monopoly rules, its great! Gives the game a bit of variety and argumentation :)

    07 Jul 2006, 00:41

  4. One time we played it, my little brother was sent to jail three times before he had got past go once. The secret to winning in our house is to never let my other brother buy the brown properties (old kent rd. etc) because he'll build hotels on them v. quickly and hit you for a grand every time you go past go.

    07 Jul 2006, 10:59

  5. Does anyone else play the rule that if you land on a square and don't want to buy it you can auction it off?

    07 Jul 2006, 14:01

  6. I play the rule that if I land on it and buy it, I can sell it to someone who wants it really badly and make a tidy profit :)

    Does anyone have a loan system with interest? When we play we use a rate of 10% per round.

    07 Jul 2006, 15:56

  7. I play Marxist Monopoly, in which anybody who buys a property gets sent to jail.

    07 Jul 2006, 17:16

  8. I think the way to win monopoly is to get both browns and both Purples. That way you can stick hotels on Old Kent Road (and the other one) an whatever you do with Mayfair(and the other one) They rake in tons of cash.

    I love monopoly, haven't played in so long.

    07 Jul 2006, 17:53

  9. lol @ comment 7

    I'm told that theoretically to have the best chance is to go for all the orange properties.

    Our house rule was to put all the money from tax, chance and community chest that otherwise would go to the bank into the middle of the board and when someone landed on free parking they got the whole pile of cash!

    07 Jul 2006, 20:27

  10. What about the one where if you land on Go then you get 400 pounds rather than 200? Used to do the auctioning thing as well. Was it just me or was the person who played bank always slightly untrustworthy…

    07 Jul 2006, 20:52

  11. Ahh! The £400 Go!! A classic! Though it does bankrupt the bank raaather quickly

    07 Jul 2006, 21:46

  12. Read the two chapters in Math Hysteria (Ian Stewart) devoted to Monopoly, that's a good start. Trafalgar Square is the most frequently landed on property (other than Jail – has anyone attempted to devise house rules under which you can buy and charge rent for that?), and the oranges break even fastest when you build on them.

    My grandmother has very simple house rules for Scrabble: any words she's heard of but we haven't are permissible, any that we've heard of and she hasn't aren't.

    07 Jul 2006, 21:51

  13. We had a rule that if you bought a property of one colour no–one else could buy any of the same colour to make it easier to build houses and hotels. What a lame rule!

    08 Jul 2006, 12:06

  14. "(other than Jail – has anyone attempted to devise house rules under which you can buy and charge rent for that?)"

    Ahh, the Blunkett variation…

    08 Jul 2006, 14:42

  15. Why not try the Thatcher variation…

    If you find yourself landing in a low rent district all the time, you can take out a mortgage and buy the houses rather than paying rent. Players cotton on, interest rates rise, you cant afford to keep your houses, and the bank takes over the board. Everyone loses pretty quickly except the very rich, who find themsleves in decline after a while when no one is staying in their hotels anymore. :–)

    08 Jul 2006, 17:58

  16. how silly of me…
    i forgot the chance card "pay school milk fees"

    and you have to remove "go back to the old kent rd" and "go back 3 spaces" because the lady is not for turning :–)

    08 Jul 2006, 20:42

  17. The cards become largely redundant in the Thatcher rules. ‘Chance’ cards can always be reshuffled when they say something you do not like, plus ‘community chest’ cards can be ignored as there is no such thing as society and thus, by implication, no such thing as a community either.

    10 Jul 2006, 23:48

  18. hahahaa. nice one lads.

    11 Jul 2006, 15:09

  19. Steve Fewell

    Does anyone play the rule where there are no Monopolies? I just thought up the rule – but I don’t know if it would play well – any ideas?

    The idea is that you buy property – but you do not need to make a Monopoly – instead you can build a single house (or hotel if 4 houses exist) everytime you land on a property that you own.
    Would that idea work?

    It may make a long game?!

    21 Jul 2008, 22:31

  20. Monopoly mania

    My dad really hates playing monopoly so to get him to play i have to think of some huge new variation.
    one time instead of rolling the dice we used dominoes instead at the start we picked five each then after each go we replaced the one we used with a new domino of our choice.

    13 Jan 2009, 02:33

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