December 02, 2004

Fanta, welcome to the world Third Reich

When the German division of Coca–Cola ran out of a key ingredient during the Second World War, they invented a new drink with the ingredients they had left: Fanta.

Fanta is the drink of the Nazis!

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  1. link
    gives a slightly better description…

    02 Dec 2004, 15:26

  2. Alex Tissandier

    Does that mean I'm infected with Nazi now?

    02 Dec 2004, 15:30

  3. Deano

    Someone was at Mark Thomas last night then…

    02 Dec 2004, 15:41

  4. Not everything Mark Thomas says is true. Just like not everything Michael Moore says is false. lol

    Don't just believe blindly in what people tell you, especially people with an agenda. No, I'm not supporting Coke. But research stuff more before you spread it around

    02 Dec 2004, 15:43

  5. Meanies! I was far happier in a world were fanta actually was invented by the Nazis. Now i know i have lived a lie. You make me want to kill kittens (or is that the death drink of the nazis im currently drinking speaking…denial is awesome)

    02 Dec 2004, 15:46

  6. Simon, while that may be true, what reading I've done suggests that when the German division of Coca-Cola ran out of a key ingredient during the Second World War, they did invent a new drink with the ingredients they had left…

    02 Dec 2004, 15:54

  7. David Balson

    Oh dear! Unfortunatly Mark was very misleading about the whole Coca Cola/Fanta/Nazi issue last night, so I e-mailed him about it, and it kinda went like this:

    "Dear Mark

    I enjoyed your show very much last night, but I feel the need to point out a few inaccuracies in your comments about Nazis and Coca Cola. I dont' know a lot about most of what you talk about, therefore it is interesting, however the Fanta stuff I know bits and bobs about. You said that Fanta was a Nazi invention, and that Coca Cola actively supported the Nazis during WW2. The problem is that you can't just believe everything people tell you, and even more annoyingly you introduced the section as "fact", which it was anything but.

    Prior to the outbreak of the second world war, Coca-Cola's only unqualified success on the international scene was its bottling operations in Nazi Germany. Sales records were being set year after year in that venue, and by 1939 Coca-Cola had 43 bottling plants and more than 600 local distributors in that country.

    However the war changed that: obtaining the key ingredients necessary for the production of Coca-Cola syrup became increasingly difficult in Germany, grinding production towards a standstill.

    In 1938, the man in charge of Coca-Cola's operations in Germany, American-born Ray Powers, died of injuries received in an automobile accident. His right-hand man, German-born Max Keith, took over.
    Until the end of the war, Coca-Cola executives in Atlanta did not know if Keith was working for the company or for the Nazis, because communication with him was impossible. Their misgivings aside, Keith was safeguarding Coca-Cola interests and people during that period of no contact. It was thanks largely to his efforts that Coca-Cola was able to re-establish production in Germany virtually immediately after World War II.

    According to a report prepared by an investigator commissioned by Coca-Cola to examine Max Keith's actions during that unsupervised period, Keith had never been a Nazi, even though he'd been repeatedly pressured to become one and indeed had endured hardships because of his refusal. He also could have made a fortune for himself by bottling and selling Fanta under his own name. Instead, in the face of having to work for the German government, he kept the Coca-Cola plants in Germany running and various Coca-Cola men alive throughout the war. At the end of the conflict, he welcomed the Coca-Cola company back to its German operations and handed over both the profits from the war years and the new soft drink.

    So in summary: Fanta was the creation of a German-born Coca-Cola man who was acting without direction from Atlanta. This man wasn't a Nazi, nor did he invent the drink at the direction of the Third Reich. Rather, in an effort to preserve Coca-Cola company assets and protect its people by way of keeping local plants operating, he formulated a new soft drink when it became impossible to produce the company's flagship product.

    Coca Cola did not support the Nazis: at the time they were basically 2 separate companies.

    Here are some books you might wish to read:

    For God, Country and Coca-Cola: The History of the World's Most Popular Soft Drink

    Secret Formula

    Thanks for your time

    02 Dec 2004, 16:03

  8. David Balson

    All of which someone already posted in the first link to "Snopes", but i've highlighted the key points for people too lazy to click the link. And for Mark Thomas of course. ;P

    02 Dec 2004, 16:06

  9. Make sure you tell us what he says…

    02 Dec 2004, 16:30

  10. However, as I'm sure we all know, the VW Beetle was a Nazi invention, designed by Ferdinand Porsche of Porsche fame. And if you didn't, well now y'do!

    02 Dec 2004, 17:55

  11. I think you'll find, I believe, that VW itself was a Nazi invention, therefore every VW is technically Nazi…

    02 Dec 2004, 18:03

  12. Nothing to do with awful soft drinks, though…

    02 Dec 2004, 18:04

  13. Coca cola was invented by a pigeon named Jim, he had a wife and three kids…..but you didnt know that….........

    02 Dec 2004, 18:34

  14. I'll have to be honest with you, I'd never come across that before… :)

    02 Dec 2004, 18:36

  15. No reply so far….......... :(

    05 Dec 2004, 23:24

  16. Rod

    The European settlers in America wiped out several million North American Indians but that
    does not stop me buying Ford Automobiles

    25 Jan 2009, 14:29

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