November 11, 2005

Bicycle Locks, or locks in general

If you want to secure something (a bike, say), would you rather use

A – A key lock, or
B – A combination lock?

Answers on a postcard…

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  1. I prefer a key, because then the means to open the lock is not attatched to the lock…

    11 Nov 2005, 13:26

  2. Lee Davis

    Provided it is a decent lock a key is more secure. I can think of very few instances where a combination lock would be prefereable.

    11 Nov 2005, 16:27

  3. Regarding a bike lock I feel it is largely immaterial what sort it is if you can persuade an estates electrician to cut the barrel with his junior hacksaw. Of course, I wouldn't have had to ask him if it was a combination lock, since I wouldn't have been able to lose the key. For future reference though, it appears D locks (some at least) have chrome plating on the 'D' part which makes them difficult to saw apart. However the lock barrel is not necessarily coated in this way and therefore can be sawn off in about a minute. I suppose it adds weight to the argument that bike locks only slow down thieves rather than stopping them. My advice, then, is to buy a D lock and attach it to your bike. Then spend about 20 minutes trying to break the lock. if you fail, then you have made a wise choice. Otherwise I suggest you try again maybe with a slightly more expensive lock and keep going until you are satisfied.. Now it is worthwhile to note that before you commence this procedure it may be worth considering how much the bike cost you in the first place and how likely it is that it wll get stolen. You may find it is not worth bothering at all. Having done this you may consider that a bike lock does act as a good deterrent, and just buy the cheapest (but perhaps the most expensive looking) lock you can.

    24 Nov 2005, 00:40

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