May 11, 2008

An Experiment II: The Sequel

Follow-up to An experiment from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Follow-up to Creationism Gets You Nowhere from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Writing about web page

Before you ask: no, they're not all going to be based on my blog entries that you'll have read already...

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  1. Sue

    Yes, very interesting. Do you always talk that quickly? I would say you have a very mature voice, although I’m not sure just how mature you are but the one thing I want to avoid is you to think that I’m trying to ingratiate myself to you because in the future I might ask you to help me get my own Warwick Blog because that has always been my dream. I just want to let you know up front. Of course, in the future you might always say “no” if I ask but that is the chance I’m prepared to take.

    11 May 2008, 10:24

  2. Do you always talk that quickly?

    No. For the first one I had planned to talk normally throughout, but speed up for the Big Bang sequence to try to emphasise the amount of detail there is (although I was only giving a rough overview) in the same way that I didn’t split the paragraph in the original blog entry. The idea was to contrast the massive amount of detail that Science suggests happened with the zero detail the Creation suggests happened.

    However I ended up speaking quickly throughout. When I played the recording back, I quite liked the effect, so went with it…

    11 May 2008, 12:51

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