July 29, 2005

A quick question…

How do you have your toilet roll on the holder?

A – The right way
B – The wrong way
C – The lazy way

A – Away from the wall
B – Towards the wall
C – On top of the holder

Answers on a postcard, or alternatively in a comment…

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  1. A or B, never C, at the moment it's A

    29 Jul 2005, 12:12

  2. A. Anything else is an affont to humanity.

    29 Jul 2005, 13:16

  3. A or C, never B.

    29 Jul 2005, 13:19

  4. A, A, A. Anything else is just wrong, not to mention fiddly.
    When I went on school trips during secondary school, we had a rather strange teacher who ran a 'Tidy Room' competition – it was completely obsessive (or, rather, she was) and one of her criteria for a tidy room was that the toilet roll in the bathroom should be arranged as in fig. A – PLUS the ends should be neatly folded into a triangle…

    29 Jul 2005, 13:39

  5. always always A… anything else is just wrooooong! :p
    — though bf tend to leave it on C, so is it true about guys not being able to change the toilet roll??

    29 Jul 2005, 13:42

  6. no, it's just a matter of not caring enough. I always put it on properly if it's only attached at one end, but the ones that clip in are pointless.

    i've never encountered anyone except me who closes the toilet lid though.

    29 Jul 2005, 14:09

  7. jst asked my bf which one is his choice, he claimed its A! (hah! yeah right!) upon further discussion, he finally admits to "sometimes" putting the toilet roll in. To the question in which position, he says "as long as there's toilet roll I don't care" sigh

    29 Jul 2005, 15:42

  8. No one prefers B. People who are bothered (myself included) always prefer A.
    And I close the lid!

    29 Jul 2005, 16:34

  9. Mathew Mannion

    A, but at the moment, C.

    30 Jul 2005, 00:01

  10. A and i close the lid too; i'm a victim to years of agro.

    26 Aug 2005, 20:43

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