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October 28, 2006

Beyond the Night

Rachel Luttrell sings “Beyond the Night” in Stargate Atlantis – 2×13 – Critical Mass

TROTT's Campaign for Political Correctness 1

I encountered a cryptic snide comment today, that can only be interpreted as the speaker objecting to the term “disability awareness”, which to me is perfectly acceptable. This got me thinking about Politically Correct ways to cover touchy subjects…


I also encountered objection to “they are in a wheelchair”, so now they are a regretful incumbent of a bespoked perambulatory replacement.


Someone isn’t “fat”, they have a mass that is unfortunately greater than what would be considered by the majority of people to be an average value.


Always been touchy, this one, so now it’s a board for the application of chalk having a coating that absorbs a majority of incident visible light wavelengths.


And because I’m an Equal Opportunities Political Corrector, a “whiteboard” is now a board for the application of special marker pens having a coating that reflects a majority of incident visible light wavelengths.

Physically Disabled

Someone isn’t “disabled” or even “differently abled” (everyone is “differently abled”; it’s meaningless…) they are unfortunately in possession of a physical form that is regretfully incapable of performing all the tasks which many other people take for granted.

That’s all for now…

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