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November 18, 2007

Postal Strikes

I don't understand why there have been all these postal strikes recently.

Presumably someone goes on strike because they don't feel that their work and their reward complement each other.

In the case of the Royal Mail I think this is entirely true. But (and it's a large, full-bodied "but") I think they've got it the wrong way round: given the number of letters we get for the wrong address, given the amount of our mail that presumably goes to the wrong address, given that a postcard clearly addressed to our local MP (in Durham) was recently delivered to Nottingham, given that a postcard clearly addressed to a campaign organisation that just had our address filled in much smaller was returned to us three times despite us adding notes to stop it, I think these postal workers are being paid too much for the work they are doing.

Postal strikes are a huge pain. If they want me to sympathise with their cause (I don't, at all, at the moment), and if they want that sympathy to outweigh the feeling of being pissed off because of the postal strike, they I feel they should first start doing the job they're being paid to do before complaining that they're not being paid enough to do it.

The following hypothetical situation is brought to you by the letter "Pi", and the number 3.14159265358etc:

Me: You're not paying me enough. I want more money.

Manager of Random Store: But you don't work here.

Me: I know, but if this works for Postal Workers...

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