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April 17, 2005

Home is where you hang your @

Back at Uni and all unpacked. Right, time for some revis… ooh, a distraction!

It's alive! It's ALIVE!

Well, I say it's alive; it hasn't actually been powered up yet, so isn't really…
I'm still technically building it; all I really need is a video card, then I can see if it works.

In case you haven't guessed, "it" is the computer I'm building. It's got an Athlon–64 processor, and it hopefully hasn't been frazzled by static or wired incorrectly such that it'll explode…

I've decided to call it "Djelibeybi", following the Discworld theme of all my other computers (well, almost all; Pedwar used to be a computer, but is now more of a skeleton, having just donated all it's drives to other computers…

I know you don't care, but it seems appropriate at this point to give the names of my computers, in order:

  1. Lancre (Desktop; only named a year after pedwar; now given to grandparents)
  2. Pedwar (Desktop; retired)
  3. Wahoonie (Laptop; still in use)
  4. Gaspode (Desktop; still in use)
  5. Djelibeybi (Desktop; under construction)

Anyway, time for bed; I have a long journey back to Uni in the morning…

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