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May 13, 2007

Fear not, My Lord, for I have a cunning plan…

Writing about web page

I've just got back from Tony Robinson's Cunning Night Out, and it was hilarious. It was very much like his Worst Jobs in History gig that I went to at the Arts Centre the other year, which was also hysterical.

I recommend you go to see it if you can.

So, BBC, was it worth it?

Follow-up to Blasted Eurovision from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

Doctor Who, or us coming second-to-last?

I know what I'd rather watch (not that I actually watched the damned Euro-crappy Catterwauling Contest, but it's the principle...)

I know it's (I believe) ten years Doctor Who's senior, but they should ask themselves this: Which of the two is awesome, and which of the two is a steaming pile of bull-plop?


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