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January 13, 2005

Driving lessons for dogs

Having discussed the topic with a friend on the way from Physics to Maths, we decided that it probably wouldn't be feasible to adapt a car for a dog and get it driving lessons. Among other things it would be hard to control the car with their head hanging out the window…
However, we thought that a dog's inclination to chase traffic could prove of use in high–speed car chases.

The answer to one of life's great questions…

Why are there always so few cashiers in shops, banks, and post offices and so many un-staffed tills?

It's because multiple cashiers offer no more benefit over no cashiers than one does.

Allow me to explain…

If there are no cashiers, no people are being served.

If there is one cashier, then people are being served at a certain rate, but this rate if infinitely bigger than no serving.

If there are two cashiers, then in theory people are served twice as fast as one cashier, but twice infinity is still infinity.

Therefore, once you have one cashier, there is no further benefit gained by adding more cashiers.

Things you don't want to hear from anthropomorphic personifications

DEATH: See you later.

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