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March 10, 2005

Jupiter, the Bringer of Hovis

I've just done a Movie Poster Rotation with the posters I acquired on Saturday.
The old ones were close to a year old, and weren't the best possible selection (well, they were the best possible selection from the ones that were left…). So, Once Upon A Time In Mexico is now Garden State, Matchstick Men is now Van Helsing, Bad Boys II is now The Butterfly Effect, and Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow is sufficiently new to stay up (plus I only had three new posters…).

Ho hum

Everyone seems so upset lately. I want to help (or try at least), but I don't feel close enough to anyone to be comfortable with getting involved…

Scotch… neat… on the rocks…

There was a bit of impromptu volleyball on the piazza this afternoon; a few Physicists and some people I didn't know.
I didn't join in myself. I could have done, but I didn't. It was fun enough to watch, and at least it made a change…

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