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April 08, 2005

No–one ever conquered the world using a beta version

Exams are coming! Head for the hills!

Perhaps some form of revision may be in order; it's just crazy enough to work…

Hark! I hear a knocking without…

Randomness being discussed at great length on buses, in bars, and on web journals.

Apart from the link, this is of no great relevance. I just thought I'd include it, randomly…

Anyway, since I've been referenced, I feel a defence is in order. Ironically, this itself could be considered "Beige" since many such people may be doing just this. So, off to a good start…

I, personally, do not consider myself to be "Beige"; "Blue" maybe, but not in the depressed sense, I just happen to like the colour.

This isn't the first time I've come across this argument; so it itself is somewhat "Beige" in it's repetition and futility. I don't see why you should decide the best way to live. People are always trying to influence people's lives, and frankly it's getting a little boring.

Why are the arts so important to be non–"Beige"? I personally love films, but don't see why I should just to be interesting… Why should people immerse themselves in culture? Why not immerse themselves in people, so to speak; spend time with friends as friends, without feeling the need to take in a film or a play, or go and see the latest piece of crap being passed off as "art" (How is a glass of water on a shelf a bloody Oak Tree!?).

If people are happy with their lives, then no–one has the right to force them to change. No–one should have that right anyway…

What have you got against faith? Why is it a criterion for bland–ness? Some of the most interesting people I know, and people with whom I have some of my most interesting a varied conversations, have a strong faith. People find comfort in faiths. They are not dependant on the faith, but derive strength from it. I can't deny that there are some levels of faith that are irrational (cults, for instance) but for the most part it can be quite healthy.

Anyway, to sum up: Bollocks to you…

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