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November 05, 2005

Gunpowder, treason, and shut–the–hell–up

Some people go to fireworks, some people organise fireworks, and other people have fireworks thrust upon them…

Yes it's that time of year again; the time of whizzes, bangs, crackles, and pops. Not, as you might expect, a bowl of Rice Crispies® (there's no 'snap'; that's a big give away), but Bonfire Night. When you can't concentrate on anything because of the damned racket.

Still, since it is actually that time of year, I'll let them have tonight. If they're still doing it tomorrow, then I'll start complaining…

What's black and wears fish–nets?

A nuclear submarine!

Ode to Clementines

Follow-up to Ode to a Choc Ice from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

God I love Clementines…

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