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July 05, 2006

Hokey Kokey, Pig in a Pokey. Good Morning, Job Seekers!

Since I'm now Unemployed I went to the Job Centre to shout for money while I try to find a 'some–sort–of–job–thing'.
It wasn't at all fun (well, I didn't expect it to be…). They asked all sorts of troublesome questions like what sort of job I was after. How on Earth am I supposed to answer difficult questions like that? All I want out of a job is a high money–to–work ratio; ideally a lot of money and no work at all; being paid to sit at home doing nothing would be nice.
Also I have to prove I'm trying to find work, which sounds incredibly troublesome.
Ho hum…

They've Done It Again

Follow-up to The BBC Stole My Photo!!! from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I watched the Never Mind the Full Stops from the 29th on Monday, and what should I see at the end of the show but my photo of a post box with three Y's in 'Friday'. So I sent the BBC another email. The next day (Yesterday, since it's past midnight) I got a phone call from a woman at the BBC whose name escapes me saying that they were very sorry that it happened again. I said that the arrangements for the previous photo would be alright for this one as well, and that I understood that nobody's perfect, and since they were being so prompt and willing that I was happy with the £150 they were offering retrospectively for both photos.
I'm expecting the first £150 in however long it takes the BBC to get around to paying, and I'm expecting the agreement to be posted for the second shortly.
Not bad, that; £300 because I watch TV and stick up for my rights…

Having said that, the fact that the BBC seems very efficient at dealing with their mistakes could suggest they've had a lot of practice…

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