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September 04, 2006

BBC – Test The Nation

Follow-up to IQ Tests from The randomness of tomorrow, today!

I still hate IQ Tests, and the BBC’s Test The Nation is the worst of the lot. For one thing, doing it online is a tedious affair; despite the fact you cannot change your answer, it still insists on waiting the full time limit for each question. Plus the questions are just as annoying, maybe more; I’m sure the Spot The Difference photos are the same…

I still don’t see what many of them have to do with intelligence, but admitedly I can’t think of something I would be happy with; maybe something along the lines of “some object weighs 20 grams plus a third of its weight; how much does it weight” (I know it’s about mass not weight; I can’t think of a correct accessible way of phrasing it…).

Anyway, I got 127; same as the last one…

My breakdown is:

  • TOTAL: 53/70 (I think I missed one because I was reading the FAQ while I waited; the rest’ll be properly wrong)
  • OBSERVATION A (9): 6
  • LOGIC (14): 9
  • PUZZLE SOLVING (14): 10
  • PERCEPTION (15): 13
  • OBSERVATION B (9): 7

Diet Coke and Mentos

I saw this ages ago, but it was on Mythbusters recently which reminded me of it and I’ve just found the video again. The soundtrack’s a little annoying, but the reaction’s impressive…

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