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January 13, 2006

Boris Johnson is my other God

Writing about web page

Boris Johnson simultaneously sums up the problem with the Blairite 'legislate till they drop' approach to social ills and the generally poor quality of modern 'rock' music in one article. It may lack substance – but its got style in abundance.

January 03, 2006


Last night was the first time a large number of people got back on campus, and the first time the internet went down since I've been back post xmas. Not really a surprising coincidence, but one that I'm sure could be avoided. Since this was a dns problem the use of some wannadoo dns ip addresses seems to have solved the problem.

I am really rather uncertain about how such a poor QoS has managed to occur this year. In the complete absence of any actual evidence from inside sources I'm going to throw some wild theories around (I did say this would be an interesting blog.)

1. Enough people don't care that Resnet don't care.
We can pretty much dismiss this theory: Resnet have had regular consultation meetings and the union have passed the compensation motion at the last EGM.

2. It is inefficient/uneconomical to try to provide internet service for so many people off one fat pipe.
Another no brainer: a few decent routers and a good backbone should solve this one pretty quick, given that they have some proper infrastructure in place this isn't a valid reason. Besides, today's problem seems to be that domain name resolution is failing.

3. Resnet are incompetent.
This is a possibility. They seem to be trying hard and failing – a good sign of incompetence. But its hard to identify the veracity of this conclusion without inside knowledge of how they operate.

I know this is only 3 random theories, but i solved the problem 1/2 way through, so my motivation to post was decreased. Does blogging require anger?

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