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February 05, 2007

Palestine Solidarity Week

This week is Palestine Solidarity Week, all events, bar the charity dinner are free.  The schedule for the rest of the week is as follows: 

Tue Children of Palestine Charity Dinner 8pm, Ramphall

8pm, Ramphall Building, buy tickets in advance

Wed “Visit Palestine” Film Screening 6pm, S0.13

Award winning film on life under Israeli occupation

6pm, S0.13

Thurs Hamas in Power: Continuity or Change? 4pm, H0.52

Khaled Hroub- author: “Hamas: Political Thought and Practice”

Towards a Just Peace in Israel-Palestine 6pm, H0.51

John Hilary – Director, War on Want NGO

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Daphna Baram - journalist for The Independent, Ha’aretz

John Rose – author: “The Myths of Zion”

Fri Israel, Palestine and the British Media 4pm, H0.51 Dr. Mike Berry, author

“Bad News from Israel”

4pm, H0.52

Closing Address: Campaigning for a Free Palestine

Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian Ambassador to the UK

Debke Dancing Evening, the Union

Palestine’s National Dance performed by the Arabic Society

I hope to see you at one of the events. 

December 13, 2006

Not a kangaroo Court

I accidentally stumbled across Executive Order of the President 13224 today. An interesting find. It essentially bans people from interaction with a list of organisations and ensures that bad things happen to you if you do help out with these organisations. It offers no evidence against any of the organisations, and don’t specify what crimes have been committed by the organisations.

Some of these are obviously worth of inclusion, the list begins with Al-Qaeda. Some of the other organisations don’t appear to have had any serious offences proved against them in a court of law and are in fact charitable in nature. There being a difference between a claim being satisfied within a court of law and someone pointing a finger and screaming terrorist at the top of their voice.

Worst of all some of the organisations seem to have a large number of people in Guantanamo, not because they have committed a crime, but in relation to this claim that the organisation should be banned. Aside from the fact that I don’t believe that someone can be proved to be a terrorist by applying the law of transitivity to known terrorist entities, its even worse to be applying it to organisations on a list where some charities are simply being convicted in something with less respect for law and order than a kangaroo court.

February 13, 2006

The cost of Iraq

Writing about web page

Following up yesterdays stats about terrorism, Stiglitz has convieniently written a report calculating the cost of the war in iraq to the US. He estimates its total cost at between one and two trillian dollars, compared with the Bush administrations original claim of $60 million. The links article cites a whole load of areas that the government didn't even consider as costs to the economy. Bear in mind this guy is a former nobel laureate for economics, I'm believing his figures ahead of Bush's. I wonder if anyone has done a comparable investigation for the UK? Just another time when I'm glad I don't pay much tax.

February 01, 2006

Beards & Terrorism

Writing about web page

Great article. Does having a beard make you more suspect? Of course it does. I am not sure where this prejudice comes from, but beards definitely make you look more suspect.

Is it a good idea to maintain this prejudice, ie is it a heuristic which offers any valuable insight? No. I must at this point make it clear to any casual readers that I have a beard. I suggst that its not a good heuristic because there is patently no causal link between beards and terrorism. And even if there were, all the people would have to do is to shave in order to blow stuff up. Is this not obvious to everyone? Clearly not to the met.

I hereby propose a solution: everyone grow a beard. Initially this may not seem like a very appealing idea (especially to women), however, over the years I have observed some merits:

1. You never loose the food that you can't fit into your mouth.
2. You have the oportunity to form a ZZ-Top tribute band.
3. People like to stroke it.
4. It is clearly better than all the alternatives, except being a ninja
5. You can enter the world beard championship

I would also to like that some awesome people have beards and moustaches, including:
Standley Kubrick
Albert Einstein
Jesus (if you haven't heard of him he was a carpenter from modern day palestine)


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