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March 20, 2007

Its been a long time since I blogged…

... and without good reason. I look at planet compsoc and the top 4 entries are all by Tim, and very HURD orientated. Consequently I have to blog. A lot has happened sicne I last blogged too much that is compsoc related really. Holidays used to be a nice break and a time to reflect over the term, but that isn’t the case as a full time PhD student. Nonetheless a few thoughts spring to mind:

1. Subpixel Smoothing on font looks really good on TFTs.
2. RHEL 5 is out now – DCS have no excuse not to upgrade over the summer, which would allow me to use TomBoy and sync my notes up to home. Goodbye paper. Tomboy is a simply note taking program that allows you to do awesome things. Like embed Latex in your notes, or link them up like a desktop wiki.
3. Reseearch is progressing, albeit at a slower pace than I had hoped. I have discovered the wonders of machine checked theorem proving. I mean if you are doing anything maths related thats expressible in HOL/Isabelle – why not? The only problem is that I really want to fork someone else’s theorem and expand upon it, but its just not polite. And unlike a noted Venkman developer I can’t simply tell people to ‘rant and rave in ignorance’, because I’m not dealing with ignorant people.

This has been a boring blog post, but don’t worry, I’ll be back – and it’ll be more fun.


January 16, 2007

Gryle & Fava

As Tim has already mentioned the weekend passed achieved two successful events: Xing and Qing. Xing was mainly spent with me & Lamby working on an extension to Java that allowed something similar to the Map function. Which was fun and also hard to implement. This will be finished off sometime.

Gryle, which is a java mp3 player with a simple user interface was put on Launchpad, and will probably be bug fixed and have proper releases made sometime. Credit goes out to both Lamby and Odd_bloke for working on this with me.

We were also using the bazaar distributed version control system. This has impressed me greatly. The only thing that it is lacking is an eclipse plugin, which I think would make a good idea for the next Xing/Qing.

January 13, 2007

Compsoc Stuff

So last night I went to the compsoc exec meeting. At which three exec members turned up, one of whom was unelected. There was a huge job list, most of which items haven’t been done. I had preemptively emailed the exec list in order to say I was coming along to talk about communications with WUGLUG. This state of affairs poses several questions:

1. Why the hell was attendance so low? Especially when only limited reasons for missing the event could be cited.
2. How the hell are WUGLUG supposed to communicate with the compsoc exec when the liaison officer isn’t in the vicinity and the majority of exec members don;t turn up to meeting when you have said that you want to talk to them?
3. When you advertise an event a considerable amount of time in advance and another member of the same society organises another event, at the same time as yours what can you do?

It was publically discussed, including with members of the exec committee, the message was clearly not passed on, and when I went to talk to them about the breakdown in communications, not at a WUGLUG meeting but at a compsoc exec meeting the people I needed to talk to weren’t there.

Since the compsoc newsletters tend not to reflect any of the hard, and interesting, stuff that is being done by wuglug members I’ll publicise them here.

1. Last night’s Xing turned into an all night hackathon where we made substantially progress to implementing the MAP higher order function in Java. lamby has an interesting blog entry with more details. This work will be continued and hopefully finished off tonight at Qing.

2. There’s probably going to be a trip to FOSDEM at the end of february. This is a Free Software Conference in Brussels and is very exciting.

3. Tim Retout has been working on taking the MightyD relational database and improving its codebase and functionality. Hopefully this will allow the product to be used as a complete Tutorial D implementation that can teach undergraduate students about truely relational databases.

4. Last term we attended Linuxworld down in London, despite general exec incompetence.

5. We have regular meetings, twice a week, with talks every other week.

If you are interested in trying GNU/Linux as an operating system, programing, personal freedom or generally having a chat with interesting people about these kind of issues, then details on what we are doing can be found on our website .

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