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April 29, 2006

The best there was, the best there is ….

Ok, so I'm sorry about the lack of recent updates. I know – I am not really sorry at all, but please carry on reading – there will be a lower lies/sentences ratio from now on, maybe.

So, I was thinking about this revision malarky – what makes good preparation? I mean I am pretty much at the end of the sitting exams phase of my life, so I should have figured it out by now – surely? As far as I can tell there's 5 ways in which people's revision can be classified:

1. Representation – notes are needed, knowledge is needed – but how is this information represented? Some people seem to love massive list orientated revision notes, others are more visual and diagramatic (mind map?) Somewhat orthogonally to this there's the issue of how contingent you make your notes – are notes for formal methods modules the same as project management?

2. Focus – here there's the issue of whether you are the heads down for three days straight working until you realise you've nearly died of starvation type, or the "well I've worked for 23 minutes and 42 seconds I might as well have a break and go write on my blog now" type.

3. Organisation – Do you know when your exams and where you notes are?

4. Fear – I love exams, well not really but I find them a fairly stress free exercise compared to many.

5. Music – this is the really important one. Anyone else blast some Fear Factory through their speakers in order to speed up the note taking, or is the preference for the first movement from Beethoven's 6th (you know – the music in soylent green)? Frankly I'm pretty agnostic I can even revise with the simpsons on in the background, though I am pretty convinced its impossible to revise to Jazz.

What are you habits?

April 21, 2006

Its time, Its time, Its Vader Time!

Finally! My fourth year project was handed in and complete. And its actually quite good. Though frankly we put so much effort in that it ought to be good. Its been a busy few days generally. Obviously exam revision is due to start sometime soon, but for now I can bask in a couple of days without worry that I'm not doing work. The stress was also relieved on account of finding out that there is some PhD (not pronounced fud) funding availible for me. Role on the exams, I say, I am actually looking forward to them, especially knowing that its probably the last set of exams that I will be undertaking ever. Here's a couple of great quotes, curtesy of the beeb:

It seemed to make more sense to acquire an entire aeroplane and to use as many of the components as possible, like the Native American Indians used every part of the buffalo.

Berlusconi (about himself) The best political leader in Europe and in the world.

April 12, 2006

"What is this violation? It is a man who has spilt his sperm for nothing!

Apparently a group of ultra orthodox jews have start hacking into websites and replacing pornographic images with those of an important rabbi. They are called Sex Commandos.

"Your the kind of guy who goes to Jerusalem and doesn't visit the sexatorium" – futurama

April 08, 2006

Goodbye Tom Delay

I won't bother saying much other than I'm pretty glad he's resigned. Not for the actual politics of the situation which I don't really care too much about, but for the parody. Some great gags coming off The Daily Show & The Colbert Report, though not as good as 'Racist like me' segment by Rob Corddry. That would get satire of the week award for the April Fool's week except for South Park 10–3. If you haven't seen it, do so now. The sooner it comes on terrestrial, the better. The thing is with South Park that sometimes they have pretty weak episodes, but when get on fire, it is an absolute powerhouse show – unbeatable on the parody front IMHO. Ahh well, back to uni soon. Ending this ridiculously televisual blog entry with another obscure observation:


post #23's signature: great to see people appreciating macs & Anchorman.

I really think that I ought to have some regular features on this blog, what do people think of the following:

Quote of the week
Humiliated Public Figure/Celebrity of the week
TV segment of the week
Blog entry of the week. (This could be hard)

signing off…

April 06, 2006

Best Pun ever!


April 05, 2006



April 01, 2006

Rotten Fish & Fables

Amusing story about how some airlines have banned the Swedish national dish. Interesting as well for the following sentence:

"Surstromming is as Swedish as Volvo and Ikea."

Volvo is owned by ford.
Ikea is registered in holland and most of sales are overseas .

I also think that the phrase "culturally illiterate" should be used more often, furthermore I wish we had academies in the uk to promote rotten fish.

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