August 14, 2006

Walken 2008

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One of the Actors I left out of my prevous blog entry was Christopher Walken, he is awesome in the same vein as Rutger Hauer. Even his trivia is awesome – IMDB claim that he, "Worked briefly as a lion tamer in a circus at age 15." He is also standing for President! Thats right – he intends to stand in 2008, probably as an independant. Even though he has no platform his website says some sensible things. The FAQ also claims that he will be making some supporter clothing availible in the future. Even though I have doubt that he will loose the election running as an independant I intend to try to obtain some of this promotional clothing in the future. Its also a bit of a shame that they don't mention the film McBain – thats got to be a vote winner. I also like some of the quotes, though I am not sure how they win votes, eg:

"I've made movies nobody will ever see,
I've made movies that even I have never seen

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  1. I'd be pretty embarrassed if an actor became president again.

    Even if Walken totally has the president look.

    His state of the union speeches would probably be delivered with a creepy rasp, no can do.

    14 Aug 2006, 16:18

  2. I'd vote for Christopher Walken. He's so cool, and probably considerably more intelligant than the monkey they have in the White House at the moment.

    14 Aug 2006, 18:29

  3. Don't we all love how well intelligant people can spell?

    For the record, the administration is pretty effective if its aims are mainly linked to Evil Corporate Planning.

    16 Aug 2006, 23:17

  4. Dan 1

    I predict young Christoper will be able to use Bush's Texas Cowboy image to his advantage, demonstrating that he's more than capable of filling George W's spur–equipped shoes with a fiendishly clever "These boots are made for Walken" propaganda campaign.

    Weak puns: they're the future. History will be my only judge.

    16 Aug 2006, 23:43

  5. Dan1

    Spellcheck certainly won't be.

    17 Aug 2006, 00:23

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