September 26, 2008

Sleeping Patterns and My Sanity

I have recently spent far too much time sleeping. Consequently Vic and I have decided that we will be undertaking a polyphasic sleeping pattern. Starting tomorrow we will be attempting to arise at 6am – exactly at the time the alarm clock rings. This period of preparation will continue until 8th October. Starting the 9th of October we will be undertaking Buckminster-Fuller’s Dymaxion Sleep pattern. Buckminster Fuller tried this for 2 years, and remained sane during the period of time.

The schedule involves taking 30 minutes of sleep every 6 hours – one is consequently able to stay away for 22 hours of the day. This may sound insane – but it is backed up by SCIENCE! Essentially at the beginning one enters a period of sleep deprivation, with the consequence that the Brain forces the body into REM sleep when one immediately starts sleeping. The result is that sleep time for unnecessary activities (stuff not involving the brain) isn’t wasted and one can stay away for much longer.

Consequently if you meet me at any time soon after 9th October, I am likely to be acclimatising and in a state of sleep deprivation (since my brain won’t have shut down non-essential sleeping functions). I may be making less sense than usual.

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  1. Good luck. Sounds bonkers.

    26 Sep 2008, 01:10

  2. monk

    I look forward to your findings.

    26 Sep 2008, 01:28

  3. Sue

    This is something I’ve heard about before, I think we have a book on it somewhere, or at least a book which contains details of this particular sleep pattern theory.

    26 Sep 2008, 07:10

  4. Michael Turner

    Not clearly “backed up by SCIENCE”, I’m afraid.

    Uberman sleep has a far better track record

    27 Sep 2008, 03:52

  5. milo

    What a great experiment, I cannot wait to see your findings. I’ve always been interested in the science of sleeping. Hope it goes well for you.

    30 Sep 2008, 21:10

  6. limo hire

    I’ve come across a book about sleeping patterns and I thought that was weird! But this one should be good. All the best.

    03 Oct 2008, 09:50

  7. This sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, Richard.

    12 Oct 2008, 19:44

  8. Jeremy Ireland

    Keep a look out! I may have solutions to your problem soon!

    23 Oct 2008, 09:05

  9. limo hire london

    A solution to a problem? lol.
    I think the heart attack is better advice.

    08 Nov 2008, 03:10

  10. coach hire

    What a great experiment. Far too much time on your hands.. lol.

    05 Dec 2008, 14:33

  11. limo hire

    Surviving on only 2 hours sleep every day. I can’t see how that’s possible but I’m curious to find out the results. I’ve heard a 15min sleep / siesta during the day is the equivalent of 90mins at night so I guess this could work!

    02 Jan 2009, 15:01

  12. limo hire london

    I have a feeling you’ll go crazy from sleep deprivation! Good luck!

    02 Jan 2009, 15:03

  13. limo hire london

    Power nap is the way forward.

    09 Jan 2009, 10:49

  14. van hire cardiff

    You say “it is backed up by SCIENCE!”

    How is that?

    09 Jan 2009, 10:52

  15. cheap limo hire

    Polyphasic sleeping pattern – lol

    09 Jan 2009, 10:53

  16. Web Design

    Polyphasic sleep! This is a term coined by early 20th century psychologist J.S. Szymanski, refers to the practice of sleeping multiple times in a 24-hour period – usually, more than two, in contrast to biphasic sleep —and does not imply any particular schedule.

    09 Jan 2009, 10:56

  17. fun casino hire

    Just read on this topic on wiki and it’s not really heathly… Or is it?

    09 Jan 2009, 10:57

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