April 15, 2007

Local Council Elections

On the 3rd May the local council elections are a gogo, people on campus will have been registered to vote within the ward of Wainbody. Here’s some useful election information:

The incumbent councillor who is up for the vote in your ward is Conservative Cllr Tim Sawdon

You can find out how to write to him here

The local party website for the main parties are at:

Liberal Democrats

This is the result of the last election for cov council.


1. The Tory and Libdem websites seem very content filled. The lib dems spending a lot of time saying how Tory and Labour rule has made cov worse off. The Labour Parties’ website seems very lacking in information, for example this is what they to say about my ward.

2. Its incredibly easy to find out superficial information about local politics. Praise here should go to google and all three parties for having websites up and running. Thankfully they seem to appreciate that its 2006 and people are busy.

3. The electorial commission point to the BBC website for information on the results of elections.

4. The last time, before 2006, that the Tories controlled cov was 1978.

5. You don’t have to be British to vote, if you a member of the commonwealth of EU and live in Britain then you can be registered to vote. I wonder if the university auto-registers these people like it does for people holding a UK passport?

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  1. Scott Redding

    First of all, there are 4 candidates in Wainbody this year, not just the three parties you’ve listed and talked about.

    Emma Biermann is running for the Green Party.

    Emma is 20 years old (one of the only under-21 local election candidates in the country!), and she’s a Politics and International Studies student at Warwick.

    She’s the national campaigns co-ordinator for the Young Greens (all folks 30 and under, and those who are students of any age). Their recent campaigns have focused on xenophobia and Trident.

    The Coventry Green Party’s local website is coventrygreenparty.blogspot.com

    16 Apr 2007, 08:09

  2. Scott Redding

    For the record, here are the election results for Wainbody ward.

    Emma Biermann, Green, 358
    Joe Ijoma, Labour, 981
    Napier Penlington, Liberal Democrat, 524
    Tim Sawdon, Conservative, 2324

    Turnout was 35.3%.

    From sampling at the election count (ballots get poured out of boxes, we observe the eager volunteers counting them into bundles), we discovered that Emma Biermann polled about 33% at the polling station in Ramphal.

    08 May 2007, 15:16

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