June 19, 2006

I've given up on the wrestling phrases

Writing about Threatening patriotism? from Musings of a blonde

"Why on earth should an English person feel so threatened by a flag representing his own country displayed in his own country?" was an interesting question raised on another blog entry

raising some even more interesting claims, such as "Our nationalist spirit never returned after this initial attack because the attack was so complete that a new anti–British orthodoxy had developed."

I was originally going to post a response, but then I realised that no one had actually tried to answer the question on the previous page. So here's a couple of thoughts.

Firstly we are talking about the St. Georges Cross here, since the original reference was to footballers. This flag was originally picked up during the Crusades – as an army uniform, by a certain namesake of mine. I am not saying that waving St. Georges Cross about is a problem – in fact I was doing so last week. But you can understand why people might get offended.

I am pretty sure that no one these days really associates SGC with a 'lets kill the muslims' attitude so one could rule the above reason out. I suppose in that case it is yet another case of the football association combined with a common dislike of football in this country.

Whats really more disturbing is that people seem to have concluded this is one of those 'if you don't love your country you must hate it, get out' – or conversely 'if you love your country you must be a racist'. Why can't I just be 'meh' to the whole subject? Its not as though my apathy is going to cause directly negative consequences. (yes I am begging the question) No one will die because of a mass apathy towards their country.

Furthermore the question is really here why should I not be apathetic? It doesn't stop me choosing to support England at the World Cup. I would rather not get into one of these situations where there is a weighing up of the British Empire is a good or a bad thing. Ethical judgements on such massive scale are inevitably prone to error, and judging what people chose to do hundreds of years ago by todays standard is an horrific mistake. Its questionable for me to even tut–tut at the invention of the concentration camp during the boar war due to it being > 100 years ago.

Bottom line how can I feel proud for the achievements or shameful at the mistakes of other people simply because they lived on the same, apparently sceptered, isle as me?

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  1. pistolPete

    Its because the flags are enjoyed mostly by the thug working class, who confuse 'support' with violence and hatred of the other team.

    The last thing you need is an alcoholic redundant thuggish class feeling overconfident and proud to be thuggish and violent. That, unfortunately is what the flag represents in England.

    In other countries football is genuinely liked by people who like football and enjoyed. In England it remains largely what it always was, a game designed to amuse the working classes and enable them to release their (natural, genetic) aggression and stupidity As such flag–waving and football supporters will always be associated with small–minded territorialism and violence. One of the largest users of police time is shepherding moronic thugs back and forth to games because they can't be trusted not to express their passion with fists, and three word sentences that use the word 'you' and two other swear words.

    If you are a nice middle class girl watching a football match in England, the chances that a fat ugly working class thuggy tosser who supports the otehr side will throw a bottle at you is pretty high and the flags celebrate this, which is why people hate them.

    The flag waving is linked with this kind of football moron (as, actually is most football in the UK) and so naturally makes people feel intimidated.

    I know for example that any time there is a football championship that I will wake up to smashed glass, fights, windows broken, and fucking horrible fat underdressed slappers vomiting in the street and fighting. That is what the flag represents – Scum

    29 Jun 2006, 14:23

  2. I wondered if anyone would post a reply. I'm surprised it came to this.

    29 Jun 2006, 15:05

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