December 30, 2009

Avatar – Comparisons …

Spoilers Abound

... with “Aliens”

  • Same Director. This also leads to huge amount of blue-hue’d lighting and darkness in the cinematography.
  • Sigourney Weaver plays a strong female character who mothers (In Avatar note particularly bringing food to Jake Sully and physical contact, especially neck touching) a human that she meets in an alien land. In both cases the human is changed by loss (Sully has lost his legs and brother, Newt her parents). In both cases Weaver’s character objects to some major mistakes, and her criticism is muted by gung-ho militarist men.
  • The Military-Industrial Complex features strongly in the plot.
  • Business interests are represented by a selfish and murderous character. The character is played by an actor better known for comedy roles, portrarying mainly stupid character parts. In both cases the character chews gum whilst plotting in order to demonstrate a lack of care for others.
  • Visually Spectacular.
  • Scored by James Horner.
  • A tough latina marine who dies to the major threat in the film.
  • In both cases a group of humans visit an alien world, and most of them are killed by the aliens, though through faults of their own (stupidity, selfishness or negligence).

... with “Dances with Wolves”

  • The plot is basically the same – the protagonist falls in love with a native tribeswoman after being sent to spy on said tribe, and ends up fighting in order to save the tribe. The love interest leaves an existing relationship. Near the end of the film the protagonist declares himself to be a native, after a process in which the natives accept him.
  • Natives move camp after their main home is destroyed by conflict.
  • US Military provides a major threat.
  • Problems with protagonists leg (Sully is unable to walk, Dunbar is under threat of occupation).
  • Protagonist has considered suicide in the past (Sully mentions it in voice over, it motivates Dunbar’s accidental heroism at the beginning of his story.)
  • Voice over used for narrative exposition.
  • Both overly long.

... with “The War on Terror”

  • Destruction of Home Tree offers visual image reminiscent to the Twin Towers
  • Military conflict started over resources
  • Military attempt ‘Shock and Awe’ tactics
  • No UN Mandate (ok I’m pushing it a bit here)

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  1. Sue

    I’ve never been to watch a film before when it’s been recommended that you first read up on quantum mechanics and in particular Schrodinger’s cat theory. That’s what’s happening today, I think I’ve got the gist of it so I’ll let you know how I get on.

    30 Dec 2009, 13:33

  2. Sue

    Unfortunately I still haven’t seen a film for which you have to read up on quantum mechanics as I misread the information and we ended up at the wrong cinema, it now seems to be very difficult to be able to see this film unless you live in London. Today we watched “Finding Eric” which was amusing in places but lacked believability in others. The ending was a disappointment. Having read that there was “a clever twist” all we got was what amounted to a scrummage of bad taste. I think the quote of the fiml was ” Without danger, we cannot get beyond danger.” and we fell about laughing when they were discussing a criminal who carried a gun and wasn’t averse to using it. One of the characters who had a penchant for reading up on personality traits burst into the pub clutching a book entitled “Psycopaths” and informed everyone that “Psychos – they don’t give a flying fuck” to which one of the others replied ” Is that the latest research from Stanford?”

    I have to lower my expectations now and content myself with writing on other blogs in a diarists style. That sentence reminds me of a friend who once told me that her husband wasn’t keen on starting a family and so she would have to content herself with a kitten. My favourite blogger has quit his post and I have to come to terms with that too. I am continuing to study his family tree as well as mine and this makes me feel closer to him albeit in a roundabout way.

    10 Jan 2010, 19:37

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