January 10, 2006

A Commentary on a commentary on a commentary

Writing about web page http://newsforums.bbc.co.uk/nol/thread.jspa?sortBy=2&threadID=728&edition=1&ttl=20060110160953&#paginator

1. Blair announces a wonderful new piece of legislation that will magically solve all the worlds problems by outlawing some new stuff that we all hate.
2. The bbc write a nice neat article summarising it for the rest of the country, albeit with no detail.
3. The bbc allow idiots to comment on this issue.
4. An idiot comments on this issue:

Well lets face it, no one should ever have expected Blair to suddenly stop being the control freak of the first two terms, just because he has a weakened majority. What would be nice, just once in a while would be if politicians gave a little evidence to back up their claims. I don't ask much – just once in a while, just occasionally. Just enough to maintain my sanity. PLEASE!!!!!!

Lets face it, its a complete pile of bullshit – in the Henry G. Frankfurt sense. If anyone can satisfactorally answer some of the following questions then answers on a postcard, or mayb you can just post a comment.
a. What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for someone being a 'Yob'?
b. What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for a crime being a 'Yob crime'?
c. What proportion of criminal activity is made up by 'Yob Crime'.?
d. What is respect, and how does it help us reduce this 'Yob Crime'?
e. What other options do we have?

And to the commentators on the bbc forums:
"Those of us children of the 50ís will remember the rules enforced in schools of that era."

=> Rules were well inforced in the schools I've been to – I still have no respect for people who are idiots, like you sir.

"No! Its time Mr Blair, himself, showed some respect"

=> Good call, I'm sick of being lied to.

"So Tony Blair believes that when teenagers act like yobs it's the parents who should be punished? Wasn't his own son caught underage drinking and acting like a yob a few years back?"

=> Good points, shame about the lack of a zing involved, though.

"it is hard raising children (the next generation) respectfully when you have the PC brigade destroying basic English culture and a government doing nothing to encourage or support families"

=> haha – its too funny to even be worth formulating a proper argument against.

"Human Rights activists have destroyed the order of this society, those who break the law should have no rights they have taken the choice to break the law."

=> everyone in this country has broken the Law in some way or another, including (I will bet my anus on this) the guy who posted that comment.

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  1. Tim

    "it is hard raising children (the next generation) respectfully when you have the PC brigade destroying basic English culture and a government doing nothing to encourage or support families"

    I think the sentence would be more pertinent if you replaced 'culture' with 'grammar', and 'families' with 'punctuation'.

    10 Jan 2006, 20:22

  2. Ric

    "Eviction by court order would be a "last resort", says the government but it could, for example, be used against students who annoy their neighbours with loud music"

    [ric looks toward his 100W amp]


    11 Jan 2006, 20:48

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