August 21, 2005

The world crashes in, into my living room

If the Bucket family from Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are really as poor as they make out how can they afford a TV licence?

Also how could Everlasting Gobstoppers ever make any kind of commercial sense?

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  1. Interesting…Although most of the cast is British no actual mention is made of the country they are in. I don't think a TV licence is required in America or most other countries (we uniquely fund the BBC to make rubbish programmes) so if it wasn't set in the UK then they probably could watch TV for free. The location is further blurred by lots of British people using the term candy which is rather American so it's hard to say really :-)

    22 Aug 2005, 01:20

  2. I don't think they have a tv in the book, hmmmm. No, just checked on amazon, and the only things tehy seem to have in their little wooden house is one bed and two mattresses.

    22 Aug 2005, 03:46

  3. antony is correct there, it's supposed to be set in a sort of anyplace/anytime, so the tv license isn't essential. how did they afford the tv? the questions go on!

    mark heap and that guy from big train are in it, though. ten english comedy nerd points!

    22 Aug 2005, 20:15

  4. It was actually the original film (which was on TCM last night) that inspired me to post although the thought came about whilst watching the Tim Burton film last week. I think I still prefer the original but the remake is rather good (at least the chocolate river actually looks like chocolate in this one).

    I still don't understand the concept of the everlasting gobstopper though. It sounds like a great invention from a customer's perspective but once somebody has bought one they never need to buy one again; surely not a good marketing strategy.

    22 Aug 2005, 20:44

  5. That would be the actor Kevin Eldon (who found fame playing Simon Quinlank and the real Rod Hull in Fist of Fun).

    On the topic of gobstoppers…well Wonka is rather eccentric so a wacky idea like that is very much what he might do. Of course he has the chocolate to subsidise his inventing and in this country at least, the chocolate industry is worth billions of pounds so I suspect he could cope with the marginal losses on the gobstoppers. Also, would you really want to stuck on a sweet that is several years old? I suspect not so people would probably keep buying them anyway :-)

    I liked both Wilder's and Depp's versions of Wonka. Depp comes across as being slightly more menacing at times…watch for the knowing, slightly evil looks he has when the children suffer their fates, especially Augustus and Veruca and his lacklustre efforts to save them.

    22 Aug 2005, 22:29

  6. Yeah I thought Depp was fantastic. It is very difficult to take on a role that has already become so iconic with another actor in the part and it is to Depp and Burton's credit that they manage to completely divorce themselves from the earlier film and particularly Wilder's performance. All of the aspects of the character that Depp retains are the aspects that are present in the book and this is why it works so well. When watching the film you are constantly trying to compare Depp with Wilder and I don't know about anybody else but I found it impossible. His performance in this was so subtle and yet so obvious at the same time (and the editor deserves credit here as well). Wilder will always be the definitive Wonka but Depp sure as hell makes a very interesting alternative.

    22 Aug 2005, 23:03

  7. Rivalling Everlasting Gobstoppers for commercial nonsense, must surely be Jawbreakers. Have you seen this? What's the deal with them?!

    23 Aug 2005, 20:57

  8. (Sincere apologies for that superfluous comma. I don't know how I live with myself.)

    23 Aug 2005, 20:58

  9. Well anybody can make mistakes I suppose.

    24 Aug 2005, 21:58

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