February 19, 2005

Meta 10 Observations

1. What is it in the Union (and it is something other than alcohol) that makes people unable to walk? On at least 5 separate occasions last night at Metamorphosis people were either walking in a perfectly straight line only to fall overthemselves and into me or else they would pass where I was standing not by walking in the middle of the large gap between me and the person nearest to me but to attempts to walk through my shoulder.

2. Some dude decided to show one of his mates his arse by taking down his trousers, apparently without realising that if you're showing the peple behind you your arse you are showing the people in front your tiny little member. Not a pleasant sight.

3. TSG managed to set fire to some duct tape, and almost the whole building, at midnight – this did not set the fire alarm off.

4. Something else, presumably a smoke machine DID set the fire alarm off, when there was no fire. This resulted in numerous people on the dance floor going mental and shouting "chooon!" to the sound of a siren. I laughed.

5. The only payphone that is actually accessible after midnight on campus outside of the halls and the union is in the library. At any rate I couldn't think of another when inconveniently my phone decided to stop receiving a signal for an hour and a half just as all hell broke loose and I found myslef separated from anybody I had come with or who I knew. Still it was a fun 45 minutes.

And that as they say is that.

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  1. Ed

    How do you define 'almost the whole building'? The Gaffer tape in question was attached to a piece of aluminium truss, and was next to a piece of non flammable PPE and a steel box. The whole schebang was at leaft 15 feet from anything else remotely flammable. I fear you may had drunk more than you remember…

    20 Feb 2005, 10:35

  2. Alex

    And besides, the fire extinguisher in your hand did the trick :)

    20 Feb 2005, 11:04

  3. Ok then I retract the 'whole building' statement. However the fact remains that there was a fire, even if it was a small one, which didn't set off the fire alarm whereas something else did. And I was driving so didn't touch a drop of alcohol all night.

    20 Feb 2005, 12:13

  4. Ed

    During the evening operation of Union South, the only smoke alarms that are enabled are those at the top of the stairwells and in rooms such as bar cellars and RaW. The rest in the marketplace are heat detectors only. If this wasnt the case, smoke machines would set them off all the time. The 'something' that set off the fire alarm was either someone allegedly smoking a sheesha pipe in RaW, or smoke from the smoke machines rising into the pool hall, then falling into the stairwells when somebody propped the door open. This has happened several times before in the Union, and TSG and crowd safety are aware of it. Namely at both Meta 7 and 8, the building had to be evacuated. This is nothing more than unfortunate – and has most impact on bars, who loose half an hour's worth of sales while estates finish their doughnuts and come over to tell us all off.
    The building would be unusable if one expected a 'fire' such as the one I extinguished to set off the fire alarm, because we would be even less likely to be able to use any kind of effect (pyros, smoke machines, hazers etc), but also people wouldnt be able to smoke in the building and the capacity of the building would have be halved to allow for a smoke detector for every 100 cubic feet (an estimate) of air space and the associated cabling network. So please, stop making assertions about things you clearly dont understand.

    22 Feb 2005, 17:10

  5. Reel reel reel. Isn't fishing fun.

    22 Feb 2005, 19:17

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