March 13, 2005

End of term thingies.

Well term ended. Seems like it only just started. And in typically unhelpful fashion I have only just got the work bug. For the last few days I've been thinking almost non-stop about the essays I have to write over the holidays; formulating ideas and arguments and dare I say it I'm actually quite looking forward to writing them. Why do I never have this kind of motivation during term time?

I think Costcutter's have stopped selling Battenberg (or window cake as Milly calls it). They haven't had it in stock the last three times I've looked. This is sad.

This weekend has been quite weird. Friday night was a bit rubbish. I should make a point that Easter holiday parties are always rubbish. One minute everybody was there and the next minute nobody was. Going by entries on other people's blogs everybody was searching for each other in the union but this constant movement by all parties led to what must have appeared to be a Keystone cops type chase sequence; we must have all been about twenty paces behind each other.

Last night I was invited to Milly's for food, alcohol and trivial pursuit however by that point we were already round our neighbours playing monopoly. So sorry for my non-appearance, sounds like I missed a fun night.

Going home on Wednesday or Thursday so got to spend the next two days packing and tiding and then off home after four days in Barcelona with my parents. Should be fun.

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  1. Milly

    Window cake is the proverbial bomb!

    Dan and I won Trivial Pursuit – Woo!!!!
    Shame you couldn't come over, but dude there is always next time.

    13 Mar 2005, 17:06

  2. I know and I look forward to it.

    13 Mar 2005, 18:59

  3. which version of trivial pursuit? i hope to come also and be annoyingly good at it, like rick is. the dream team, in the house!

    13 Mar 2005, 21:45

  4. Sounds like fun, have a good one!


    14 Mar 2005, 12:40

  5. Shucks did I miss Monopoly? Damn Milly and her Trivial Pursuit. I had Cluedo all ready to go n everything, but NOOOOO, it had to be Triv, just had to be Triv

    14 Mar 2005, 17:17

  6. But I stayed still and in a well lit area and noone found me!!

    Ah well, there will be time for battenberg and monopolys another time.

    16 Mar 2005, 00:24

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