March 05, 2005


I am not feeling very eloquent today so this entry can probably be seen as the literary version of an unshaven face. Never mind. Crash was fun last night. It was good to see everybody out even if it was quite quiet. The Needles were good although I think the lead singer had modelled himself on Elvis Costello which is no bad thing. I think somebody must have polished the union floor last night because I slipped and nearly fell over twice and Tess had a nasty elbow accident. I wanted to get quite drunk last night but for some reason it seemed that the more I drank the less drunk I felt. I only had enough money left from £25 to get the bus home. I have put some photos from last night in the relevant gallery. Take a look. I took loads so will probably add some more at some point.

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  1. Such an obscene finger gesture from such a pristine girl It wouldn't have anything to do with the photos you were trying to take of me, now would it?

    05 Mar 2005, 19:09

  2. A nice selection of the 60 photos Rick!

    I always wonder why there's no commenting section underneath each photo.

    I hate those days where you drink lots but get drunk little.

    05 Mar 2005, 21:32

  3. Oddly, it was a similar situation for me – they'd obviously been watering down the Grolsch…and probably the JD, somehow.

    06 Mar 2005, 00:33

  4. Bashmore

    Nice pictures. Jebus i look a right moron on my picture…not a shock really i normally do, i dont remember you taking it though
    I hate it when drinking makes you more sober…thankfully it doesnt happen too often to me, I get the more common drink situation more drink = get more beveraged

    06 Mar 2005, 11:39

  5. Ben you turned back round literally a second after the flash went! Prob why you didn't notice. I got some good faces of yours from Sugar too. MWAHAHAHAHA

    07 Mar 2005, 15:50

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