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March 15, 2005

The mystery of brown

Last night was interesting. I had originally planned to have a quiet night in with a curry and a book. However Milly saved me from this fate and after shaving with my new razors of death Tom and I toddled off to Leamington to meet her for pre-Blackout drinks. For those people who have spent quite a lot of time around me they will know that whenever I start talking for any length of time, over about five minutes, I somehow always end up on the subject of Primary School art classes; it's one of my staple conversation pieces I guess. Anyway it is a subject that I have found to have universal appeal. What is it about Primary School that whenever you had to paint something it didn't matter what coluors you mixed together it came out brown? And then no matter how much white and yellow you added it only seemed to get browner. If you were lucky you might get it to change to gray. But I digress.

We moved on to Blackout which was really good for the first two hours. We larked about taking photos and I realised that with my coat up and James's hat on I look like some bizarre 18th Cetury version of death. Milly managed to retitle Rebel, Rebel to Beer, Beer including such lyrics as 'get a pint' / 'a pint' / 'a pint of beer' / 'beer is nice' or something like that in an attempt to get me drunk. Sadly I wasn't playing along as I was driving and have quite a lot (packing) to d today. Next time Milly I promise there will be alcohol.

At midnight 3 things happened that severely impacted on the night. Firstly the DJ changed and as a result the good music that had been on before was replaced by intermittent patches of rubbish music which descended into rubbish music with intermittent patches of good music. This ties into my second 'thing' and that was the fact that unforgivably they played Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer. Now I can forgive them for playing Bon Jovi at a rock night but not a song that has become synonymous with cheese; I was almost expecting it to be folowed by Summer of '69. Although that would have pleased the drunken netball players that surrounded us who clearly had stumbled into Breeze because there was no Top B to go to.

The end of Living on a Prayer provided perhaps the most startling moment of mine and possibly Tom's evening. As the song ended a slightly large girl standing near me turned towards me and aimed a scream at my face. I didn't really know how to react to this so I looked at Tom then looked away pretending to ignore her. Four or five seconds later I looked back and she was still going. Feeling very uncomfortable I did what every normal person would do I smiled and put both of my thumbs up at her in a gesture mirroring an image of Fonzie I'd seen on a T-shirt the week before. This gesture seemed to work and she moved of. I never quite recovered from that moment and by 1.15 I had stopped 'feeling it' and we left Milly ripping up the dance floor looking like a miniature, blonde version of Slash.

All in all it was a fun night however I left feeling slightly disappointed but also knowing that perhaps I should have followed Milly's advice and got absolutely hammered. That way, like the netball girls, one of whom was so drunk she had clearly forgotten that she was wearing a skirt, I wouldn't have been bother what music was played. There's always next time.

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