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October 11, 2005

things much better

Apologies for being lame with my blogging frequency – it probably would have helped me, but I've had no time

Uni life is back to its good old self – out too much, not enough work (did my first proper day's work today), and playing hockey almost every day this term :D
Other things have not been so hot…...

Things have settled over the last week or two – the first week of term was possibly the worst of my life (excluding major surgery after my appendix burst) – basically break up went… not messy…. just nasty. Plus I have never been so confused or felt so mixed and miserable

After splitting up with my gf of a year a week before term started, the first TopB and School Dayz were basically an opportunity (that was taken) to try and hurt me as much as possible, and make things within my corridor of course-mates as awkward as possible. Needless to say, this involved much drunken flirting with my friends (in my face), portions of bitching and anger, along with healthy doses of snide comments
Other nights when the group of us were out it was fine…..

Anyway – took it like a man – I've been nothing but nice – but still was almost in tears in the Union on School Dayz. Ended up telling her that if she didnt start behaving she would lose me as a friend completely – which would have made things even more awkward given that most of her friends are also my friends, that I live with….

I apologise to these shared friends, as they've completely against my wishes been stuck in the middle of this – and to whom I say a massive thanks – you've all been so understanding, and willing to listen

I've probably seen too much of her in the few 2 weeks of term / been out when we've both been drinking etc which has probably only fueled things – things have def become more quiet now, and we're still talking to each other which is all good i suppose

Anyway – we're both starting to properly move on now – which is certainly a relief, and I do geniunely hope that I can put the games that were played on me in the past, and indeed that she finds someone who will give her the devotion she deserves

So basically a shit week or two – plus I've had no PC (another story that one – upgrade before coming down, didnt work, posted back to Edinburgh, arrived trashed, new computer, etc…...) – but things are on the up again – and I'm looking forward to my 21st birthday party :D :S lots of drinking…....

Bring it on !
Take care you all

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