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June 26, 2006

In denial

Ok – still hasnt hit me that uni is over now that I'm back home.

I did have a good blub or two during last term and the very end – but that was a more emotional saying goodbye thing / knowing that it was ending etc, not ITS OVER. Just feels like another uni holidays at the moment, and that I'll be back next term seeing my friends soon enough. But thats not the case…..

Perhaps graduation week is slightly blurring the reality that faces me – but graduation I can imagine is just a "final hurrah" and not really spending any quality time together as a group of friends. It'll be too rushed. Bit like the last 4 weeks of term. Grrrr

Wish we hadn't had that data analysis sheet to hand in middle of week 9, as 1% of your degree kinda takes the edge off the enjoyment after exams – knowing there's still a little more to come.

So, back home, awesome food, comfy bed, world cup on tele, sleeping lots etc – all good – but not really what I love (having a good time with my friends). Parents have already got me thinking about what I shall be doing after my gap year – VERY tough question really – given that I'm pretty uncertain about what I even want.

Dream job would be to discover a new source of energy to solve the world's energy crisis (which will prob occur in our lifetimes). However, this route will involve doing a lot of looking into current research and good places – along with a PhD, which I'm not sure I want. Ok, nice to be a student(ish) again I suppose, but its very different, and rather focused / narrow – and I tend to get bored of most things after a while (applys to several other areas in life too…..). Need to find something after my gap year that will continue to challenge me, and change or be broad enough a subject/career/route to keep me interested. Plus there's the added problem that I dont like doing something I'm not good at (e.g. languages) – so starting on a completely new eduational path is not really an option.

Anyway – I have time to think at least. And time to prepare, buy some more gap year stuff, enjoy graduation and a couple of house parties down in England, hopefully see some friends, and make some big life decisions (the scary bit…). Gap year doesnt scare me – can't wait for it to start :D cause it'll be brill. Will come back broke – but sooo worth it.

Gap year will also meet new people – possibly the only thing that's been missing / lacking this final year at uni – not had the opportunity or confidence to really get to know many new people. Going out with various groups of friends and hockey has been awesome, with some fantastic memories – but since the issues in term one I'm still yet to wander up to a complete stranger and strike up a convo – or even go on the pull. Gap year (as I found out from my trip to NZ) will kinda force me to take opportunities – which helps with the confidence.

Who knows, I might even find someone I like…. Ok – I'm not THAT picky – just didn't find "the one" whilst at uni. With only one girlfriend, can't really say I was looking too hard. But then being forward's not me. Just gotta be patient / be happy being single until I find someone I spark with I suppose… And learn to not miss chances (have become rather adept at not realising / being too shy, but looking back afterwards and going "oops"). Anyway….

Apologies for long blog – good to get some stuff out. Over and out

June 24, 2006

one awesome final week

Well – some tears that its over – but wow – what a way to end it. Tomorrow along with the rest of my packing is going to suck.

I truly have an awesome bunch of friends, that I'm going to miss very dearly indeed – one other reason that I'm going to be here for the whole of graduation week. Happy memories from hockey and related tours, from 3 peaks and football, even the odd lecture – as well as many many nights out. Also some surreal and very funny memories this week, from going to a theme park hungover, to jumping into the maths pond, leaping over (into) hedges, and watching others race starkers. Hehe. Student life – ah how I shall miss thee.

Well in summary – my time at Warwick – I've got a First, I've made some amazing friends, played a shed load of hockey, and I'm off on a gap year – I kinda feel like I've achieved basically everything I set out to do when I came here.

Am going to pop into my old school on Tuesday just to say hi to my old teachers etc – will be nice to see how the Academy's got on.

Some things I've learnt about myself and life in my time here:
In the real world, its mostly who you know not what you know
Nothing is more important than having friends around you who you know you can trust and call upon at any time
I'm not a person who can go on the pull / am slow to fancy someone
Regular sport kicks arse for a general feeling of well–being
Money is something that should only be saved to be spent
Weekends feeling alone can be pretty darn boring
Computers are brilliant yet very very time consuming
Sadly, academic success is often simply determined by birth – sometimes even inhumane amounts of effort cant do it
Alcohol is something that should be treated with a certain amount of respect, but with a whopping great slab of enjoyment too
All nighters / lack of sleep are fine during the new day in question – its the day after that sucks
Being right all the time is not something you want to be
Its good to have a cry sometimes
Enthusiasm is infectious
Be yourself

Anyway guys – all the best to those who are leaving, if I know you, it indeed has been an honour – for those who are staying, I envy you and good luck next year. I'm sure I'm going to see plently of people in the next few weeks before I head off travelling…..

June 21, 2006

hmmm cold hard cash

what ever happened to the days of book tokens eh ? well to be fair got a fairly heafty dictionary/thesaurus too…

all good basically. yay. First

June 18, 2006


one week left. ever. aaaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhh

June 17, 2006

the afternoon after the day before

ouch + sweaty + knackered = 3 peaks challenge.
but we won it, and in a time somewhere under 20 hours. yay.

June 14, 2006

next few days

So – finally finished my degree today by handing in my last 1% as a crappy little data analysis sheet. Feels good to be done. Though wish I could just have another few months here.

Next few days I have Final Fling, then up early (to be breathalised) and drive up to Scotland, Friday up stupidly early to start 3 peaks challenge. Finish on Friday night (hopefully) / Sat morning, and get back and sleep. Then Sports Fed, which will be awesome too.

Basically lots of money spent. To add to the additional £415 from today (for more gap year stuff)..... :S oh well…..

Week 10 is shaping up to be busy too – our scientific paper we're publishing has just about had its final minor changes made to it, but little bit of work still left to do.

My great–aunt in Kenilworth passed away on Saturday – very sad, she was much loved by all her family – most of what I've been able to achieve throughout my education has been due to her. Funeral on Tuesday – everyone coming down, flying in etc. Also got Claycroft BBQ that day to run – could be interesting.

I will have my car (for the first time ever) at uni in week 10 – with the sole purpose of loading it up and taking all my stuff home at the end – not a day im looking forward to at all. Definetly not. Meeeep!

June 12, 2006

hey big spender

In one go.
Gap year paid for.

(my switch said ouch – i could swear it did)

June 09, 2006

booked !

Follow-up to gap year from Indeed

woooo excited ! and tad relieved its finally done too (better late than never)

also dont want to go on about it too much, since i'm sure people are going to get fed up hearing about it. Hence shall blog and leave it alone.

06Aug 06: Fly to New York
Trek America (ie camping) for 3 weeks across the US going west
spend a week in San Francisco
06Sep 06: Fly from LA to Tahiti for 3 days
15Sep 06: Fly to Cook Islands (1 week there)
23Sep 06: Fly to Fiji
One tour round the mainland for a week, then 2 weeks bumming around out in the island chains
08Oct 06: Fly to Auckland – and head to Auntie Anne's for my 22nd birthday (3 yrs ago I said I would be back) – then next 4 weeks travelling around the lovely country that is New Zealand
10Nov 06: Fly from Christchurch to Sydney

then I've got 3 months to work (hopefully waiter/barman), and then a month to travel up the East coast of Oz. Also should be meeting up with 2 uni mates (Mike & Lewis) who are going to be in Sydney from Jan–May 07

08Mar 07: Fly from Brisbane to Kathmandu
next 2 weeks trekking in the Himalayas, up in the Annapurna Sanctuary, possibly with my dad (50th birthday)
then an overland trip from Nepal across India to Delhi

10Apr 07: Fly from Delhi to Bangkok
Meet up with Kate Frost (an old friend whose quit job and taking a gap), and head East through Cambodia (Angkor Wat temples), and into Vietnam. Then 2 weeks cycling up the country on the coast in early May, before heading West into Laos, and back into Thailand. Then south to the beaches in June, and on to Malaysia.

27Jun 07: Fly home from Singapore.

So 11 months, 14 different countries, and a load of fun (I hope!). Flights were £2000 alone. Jabs and medicine are going to be another £500. Insurance £400. Reckon its going to cost me £13k total – switch card taking a beating. Might just have enough to get by on if the job in Oz pays well. Eitherway – I'm going to be stoney broke when I get back. Hehehe…..

June 03, 2006

a nice week in fact

yeh – one week ago i finished my exams – havent achieved anything really since then.

ok gap year plans are basically finalised – but still plans (not much action). Shall be resolved soon once I can get in touch with fellow traveller lady for May–June07.

other than that….. couple of ok / quiet nights out, generally not drinking toooo much. Although score on wednesday was a definite exception – 7pints at a small circle, followed by a whole heap of laughs and fun and dancing to cheese – brilliant night out (even tho union wasnt exactly full). Maybe for first time ever saw one or two of the advantages of being single. Shock.

anyway – just thought I'd blog as I haven't for a week.

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