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March 21, 2006

ok – so the high is over and ive got nothing left (that i want) to do

poland and the last few weeks of term (busy as they were) were such a great time that the last few days have been very weird in comparison. Maybe its just the sleep deprivation / excessive alcohol thats caught up to me

got back to campus late Sun night / Mon morning. Spent the day going to Tesco twice, chatting to my close friends, and going out to the Rag quiz – although generally felt very jaded, not very chatty, and a tad lost… most surreal

anyway – eventually unpacked and repacked and got myself home today (not a particularly nifty trip this time). Arrived home, had a yummy meal cooked for me, had a play on my lovely piano. Stuff to do over hols includes gap year planning (yay!), wisdom tooth out, and the omni-present revision (to be commenced). Despite all this i am feeling highly apathetic / "meh" / cant be bothered. Positivity has departed, now that matters at hand are larger and far more obscure (i like being busy with lots of little tasks)

perhaps its now the end is nigh im actually thinking – what have the last 4 years meant to me – what have i done – what did i miss out on – who have i met and stayed in touch with – who have i let slip out of touch – who are my friends (a quality bunch of people) – who have i loved / been loved by – how long am i going to stay single for – is there a "someone" out there who likes me

poland had a multitude of stuningly attractive girls (so much more than the UK), some people on tour went on the pull, some just danced or had a bit of a laugh, others were generally chatty. Just annoys me that i am incapable of doing any of these. I hate being shy. And never knowing what to say. Still a great week in that socialising with all the guys was a great way to finish off my uni hockey etc. But grrr

Deutsche Bank also turned me down for an internship during the week, so career paths after uni are again wide open / need to make decisions / need guidance…

dont know whats brought this on – maybe end of term now that its properly happened being back home. Just would be interested to know if anyone else out there is having these eek / sad / havent a clue what to do thoughts atm too…

back at uni for a day

just saying hi before i head home tomorrow. And delaying (un/re)packing

shall blog about the awesomeness of Poland at a later date

March 12, 2006


yay – week 10 is over !
so busy yet so much fun too :D

Plently of late nights (6am 3nights in a row) led to my project being handed in ontime on thursday (just – thanks to "gay printers r us"). All pretty and shiny – also submitted our paper to the American Journal of Physics and published it online

We won Varsity 2–1 thanks to a goal from me – and the 2s also got promoted (baring an act of god) on Saturday by drawing 2–2 (and i scored with my first touch of the game). So hockey has been a joy this week – just so so so sad its all over now

But i have Poland tour to look forward to – leaving at 3am tomorrow morning – and playing one of the best club sides in the whole of europe tomorrow too. Also got another (more competitive match) on tuesday. Other than that, the week is going to be all about the sightseeing drinking and having fun – good to forget about everything else for a bit

Interviews on Friday: first one was v technical / horrendous at 8:30 in the morning – but the other two interviews (nasty questions / quick thinking and general stuff / communication skills) went brilliantly – so fingers crossed (i should find out some time this week). Either way im happy – no internship means longer gap year – though the money would be nice too

other than that – just enjoying myself when i've been going out once again – exams (60cats) straight after easter – then the rest of summer term is pretty dossy

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