February 26, 2006

week 10 is going to be v interesting…...

well – "interesting" – try the busiest week of my life instead
whats happening you may well ask?

1) weekend at start of week 10 I have a hockey match on Saturday, with the annual hockey ball in the evening (kilt time!), and then another match Sunday morning…..

2) a very tough 4year maths assignment, Fourier Analysis, is due in on Monday week 10. It's worth as much as one of my first year modules

3) usual lectures plus extra revision lectures running in week 10

4) my final year project on El Nino (quarter of my final year) is due to handed in on the Thursday – still to start my own individual writeup…

5) marking my supervisees work (usually 18 assignments) takes me ages – in week 10 i have one evening (thursday) in which to do it all – and fill in comment and payment forms

6) i have 3 final round interviews with Deutsche Bank senior managment on the last day of term, in London. This is for a very profitable internship over the summer….. Then need to get back for Boutle's birthday party in the evening

7) hockey training still running twice during week 10, because we have a match on Saturday too after term finishes (and perhaps even Sunday too). More importantly there are the VARISTY matches against Cov Poly on Wednesday – which clash with an SSLC meeting I'll be missing

8) Sunday: 25 of mens hockey are staying up all night since we are getting a 03:45 coach to Luton airport, and flying out to Poland for the week – Mens Hockey Tour

mmmm – should have booked / decided gap year stuff a month ago…... Oh yes, and trying to decide my career after my gap year is always fun too

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  1. U coming to the Mad March party then? ;)

    26 Feb 2006, 17:16

  2. yeh hopefully – though I wont be drinking tooooo much as hockey on Saturday will be a promotion decider

    26 Feb 2006, 21:20

  3. Kris

    Ive never been into blogs, so forgive me if im perhaps a little ignorant and not understanding why you've put all that in a blog. BUT although my situation has changed recently, i do understand where you're coming from re not knowing where to look for love, because for a long time i was the same – telling yourself that you "dont know if you really want a gf" is a method of self-reassurance. you obviously do or you wouldnt be thinking about it or be so concerned about the situation.

    I understand that blogs are a way of conveying thoughts and feelings, and that writing things down can help you to straighten out and understand your own feelings. I also appreciate that I do not know you (I stumbled across the site when looking for something else on google) and I am not trying to judge your character on the basis of a few sentences of text.

    However, rather than try to convince other people that your life is so busy, and that you have so much going on and to look forward to and plan, surely your limited time would be better spent sorting out lifes REAL problems? I am trying hard not to sound patronising in saying this; I am taking the time to write this as coherently as I can and I hope it doesnt offend.

    Ive forgotten where this quote originated, but "You will make more friends in a minute by taking an interest in other people than you will in a month by trying to make them take an interest in you" Im sure you get the picture

    Everyone is to some extent busy, but there will always be people more so than yourself; there will almost always be someone in a more extreme situation than yourself. It must have taken you at least a few minutes to (perhaps at an inappropriate time) say how little time you have…

    As for meeting new people, dont be afraid to speak to people you dont know – you never know who they are, what their story is, and what may happen with a little effort. Im not saying you'll marry the first girl you say "hi" to at the bus stop, but the more you talk to people, the better you become at communicating and the more likely you are to react in the right way when a right person comes along.

    06 Mar 2006, 23:57

  4. To above post…LOL.

    07 Mar 2006, 23:22

  5. indeed !
    though understandable if never really come across blogs before. some sound advice in there too mind

    08 Mar 2006, 03:11

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