November 05, 2005

still single

dont mean to have a go at anyone here at all – but just feeling a little low again at the mo

my ex is now starting to go out with my project partner/housemate, and it just narks me that she's been able to get on with her life far quicker than i have, since i split up with her 6 weeks ago

in my final year now – and its stuck me that its actually going to be bloody difficult to meet new people now that ive got several circles of friends that i'll quite happily go out with / have a good time with – but which is highly unlikely to find someone interesting and new

its never going to be anyone related to my main passion i have at uni,(hockey) since although im now playing 2s and scoring goals (got an awesome equaliser today) – moving up etc…. im not a smooth operator/shark/chat up type person which a fair few of the blokes in hockey seem to be

on a more happy note – went to a kitchen rep meeting on thursday – boring/dull etc but ended chatting to a random girl for ages afterwards – was really nice to banter with someone new – but i know that these kinda things aint going to happen often at all (so far once in 6 weeks)

i know i probably need a bit more time to get over my ex and move on fully – but feeling kinda lonely aint helping at the mo – i keep feeling like im moaning all the time to my friends

is there a solution – yes – probably someone needs to tell me to shut up and get on with it – but im not finding it easy – and i havent a clue where to start looking for people that i'll really like

ps been spending far too much money recently (over £300 on friday) – maybe trying to make myself feel better – not ideal…....

oh well – at least im on top of my academic work, and sport if nothing else. Still havent decided what im doing after uni – though will be taking a gap year/9months at some point i hope – just on the lookout for another internship (more maths this time…..) in the city for the summer

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  1. i know exactly how you feel. I broke up with my ex about the same time-ish. I bring a friends (from home) brother to a social, and she pulls him. Great.

    Looks like Im gonna be single for the rest of my life..

    05 Nov 2005, 19:29

  2. It is kinda hard to move on when you have nowhere/noone to move on to…

    If you ever find a solution, I'm listening.

    05 Nov 2005, 19:39

  3. At the risk of sounding like everything anyone ever says. Just concentrate on the bits of life you enjoy. Do that and you'll be far more likely to find someone new.

    05 Nov 2005, 20:06

  4. thanks guys – kinda shocked by the quick comments :D

    i think my main solution for moving on will be to find someone new, to forget about the problems at the start of term, and have something positive in my life so that i can easily ignore what may be happening down the corridor…

    problem is the things in life i really enjoy are my course (maths and physics – girls being few and far between, and all taken), hockey + sport (mens hockey, with a definite east/west divide existing between us and women's hockey) and food. Could join up to something random (a society…. woah – extreme – hehe) but it'd prob only be to meet new people – not the best motivation really when i already dont have much time as it is

    will involve effort regardless – def a change for me given my i lived (then very happily) with my ex last year

    05 Nov 2005, 20:39

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