May 20, 2006

resnet really does suck

im sorry – im not usually one to complain – by why is it that every weekend that campus internet falls over? this time it was dead by 4am saturday morning…

im only able to post this blog by the use of a proxy, which currently is only allowing access to warwick uni local sites (eg no msn messenger)

grrrrrrr. nash teeth / wail etc. and why do we have to individually claim for compensation – when its pretty clear its been mucking up the whole of campus on and off all year??

i need my number one procrastination method… :D

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  1. The uni sites are working without proxy btw. But completely agree – I need my #1 procrastinaiton method too. I neeeeeed facebook! I neeeeeed human contact via msn (since everyone is locked away in their rooms 'revising'). I neeeeeeed the internet goddamnit!

    20 May 2006, 10:00

  2. I have to confess, while my knowledge of large scale networks is limited, I can't see why ResNet is so difficult to keep working, unless a trained chimp is running it. I would quite like access to all my eMail, including the accounts held off Warwick Campus. However for some odd reason Groupwise is being stable currently– maybe it's a pick A or B, you can have eMail or you can have ResNet, we don't have the computers to run both?!

    20 May 2006, 10:22

  3. A trained chimp?!?!?! We should be so lucky!! It's an untrained chimp, and it doesn't work weekends…

    20 May 2006, 10:25

  4. nless a trained chimp is running it

    I refute the allegation. I am currently unemployed

    20 May 2006, 11:39

  5. In which case Gavin there's a job in ITS – all you have to do is turn the network hardware off at random intervals in order to wind up students trying to send emails to the AUT

    20 May 2006, 12:35

  6. When I was chosing where to do my masters next year I had two similar offers and so I did take in to account things like the problems i've had accessing my emails this year and the experiences others have had ResNET. A shame really!

    20 May 2006, 15:01

  7. Word of warning, the Resnet's gonna be down all of Tuesday evening for some major repair work, there's a notice on the Students Union website: link

    20 May 2006, 21:37

  8. ta for the tipoff

    21 May 2006, 00:57

  9. The Campus Network will be severely disrupted between the hours of 19:00 (7pm) and 23:00 (11pm) which means it will be unreliable

    Resnet unreliable? Surely not :–)

    21 May 2006, 04:10

  10. Hang on… Are they actually going to be working on it, or are they simply predicting when it's going to fuckup again?

    21 May 2006, 12:05

  11. Technicall they are talking about the academic network and Groupwise not ResNet…

    21 May 2006, 20:27

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