June 24, 2006

one awesome final week

Well – some tears that its over – but wow – what a way to end it. Tomorrow along with the rest of my packing is going to suck.

I truly have an awesome bunch of friends, that I'm going to miss very dearly indeed – one other reason that I'm going to be here for the whole of graduation week. Happy memories from hockey and related tours, from 3 peaks and football, even the odd lecture – as well as many many nights out. Also some surreal and very funny memories this week, from going to a theme park hungover, to jumping into the maths pond, leaping over (into) hedges, and watching others race starkers. Hehe. Student life – ah how I shall miss thee.

Well in summary – my time at Warwick – I've got a First, I've made some amazing friends, played a shed load of hockey, and I'm off on a gap year – I kinda feel like I've achieved basically everything I set out to do when I came here.

Am going to pop into my old school on Tuesday just to say hi to my old teachers etc – will be nice to see how the Academy's got on.

Some things I've learnt about myself and life in my time here:
In the real world, its mostly who you know not what you know
Nothing is more important than having friends around you who you know you can trust and call upon at any time
I'm not a person who can go on the pull / am slow to fancy someone
Regular sport kicks arse for a general feeling of well–being
Money is something that should only be saved to be spent
Weekends feeling alone can be pretty darn boring
Computers are brilliant yet very very time consuming
Sadly, academic success is often simply determined by birth – sometimes even inhumane amounts of effort cant do it
Alcohol is something that should be treated with a certain amount of respect, but with a whopping great slab of enjoyment too
All nighters / lack of sleep are fine during the new day in question – its the day after that sucks
Being right all the time is not something you want to be
Its good to have a cry sometimes
Enthusiasm is infectious
Be yourself

Anyway guys – all the best to those who are leaving, if I know you, it indeed has been an honour – for those who are staying, I envy you and good luck next year. I'm sure I'm going to see plently of people in the next few weeks before I head off travelling…..

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  1. You have memories of lectures? Did you actually attend a whole one, and therefore actually aquire memories of them?!

    24 Jun 2006, 04:04

  2. Cat

    Dude, did you live in Flat 8 CC2 last year? If so, you've got post.

    24 Jun 2006, 08:11

  3. no but im room 8 in flat 18 – think someone might have got the order jumbled – mind if i come up to flat 8 and have a look ?

    24 Jun 2006, 08:37

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