April 06, 2006

my life is complete

Ok was revising late – listening to Classic FM as always – bit bored of my work – so decide to do the "late night quiz" (there's 2 or 3 a night)

Question was find words that fit _ _ _ _ I C _ _ so me being a practical person shoved that in an online crossword solver – with about 15 answers. Sent them off to Classic FM (email) – to then be told ON AIR about 2 minutes later:

"Richard Taylor in Edinburgh, you used an electronic solver didn't you?"

well amusing
but still – WOOOOO !!! nice getting ones name onto national radio :D
plus Classic FM (as I'm sure for those of you who know me know) is my fav station

so one happy (and tired) tayaaahhhhh

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  1. I had that last year with Classic FM - I had it on in the office and emailed in saying I'd love Elgar's Cello Concerto to chill me out at work because I was having a busy day, and they played it and gave me a mention too – it is nice when that happens :)

    Hope you're doing okay mate

    06 Apr 2006, 07:41

  2. I was going to do something similar for radio 2 yesterday. It was a quiz thing but i chickened out….listened to it and knew all the answers. Arse.

    06 Apr 2006, 13:12

  3. Keen, you naughty, naughty cheat!

    06 Apr 2006, 13:53

  4. I'm glad someone's life is complete…

    I entered a similar radio quiz on Radio 5 whilst doing late night revision about this time last year. The question was to find the name of the only British city not to share a letter in common with the word ETERNITY. Googling for the answer, thus ensuring I was the first to phone up, I got to speak to the legendary Richard Bacon on air.

    I'm also a fan of Classic FM. Nice chilled background.

    06 Apr 2006, 17:17

  5. What [i]is[/i] the answer to that…? It's going to puzzle me for ages now.

    06 Apr 2006, 22:07

  6. oh crap, so much for my html/internet-language knowledge :$.

    06 Apr 2006, 22:07

  7. there were quite a few!


    06 Apr 2006, 22:54

  8. Lu – you were almost there. Use '' instead. Apart from on blogs, where you can't use HTML - so use '_' at the beginning and the end of a word/section you want to italicise…



    07 Apr 2006, 07:47

  9. Thanks :)

    I meant to Amit's one…I couldn't think of the answer at all!! It's not like there are that many cities in Britain…ooh, hang on is it Glasgow?

    07 Apr 2006, 20:47

  10. Yep it is Glasgow

    08 Apr 2006, 17:30

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