July 12, 2006

finally all finished

well – weren't that nice. graduation that is. thin disguise for WGA plugs and money–spinning photos etc, but all worth it to celebrate the 4 most excellent years I've had.

best bit was actually seeing everyone on my course & corridor again after 2 weeks in scottish isolation, though this did slightly interfere with my attempt at eating the buffet lunch, I care not. nice to see others' families too.

so with parents in tow, camera in hand, phone in pocket, I ended up watching a day fly by me before I really realised it had started. but it were fun.

mixed feelings i think that quite a few people were covering today too:
happiness that we've all done so well and had such a good time at Warwick, combined with the sadness that sets in when you realise you aint going to see half your course probably for a very long time / if at all again. Although they may not have been your bestest buddies / know your secrets – they are your friends who shared many experiences with you, worked with you, and they're all lovely decent people, who I shall miss having round.

as for the other half and other special peeps – well – its depressing when you know you'll be saying goodbye to your best mates – but at least its going to be in dribs and drabs over the next few weeks, each person on a certain date, so I'll therefore get a chance to say goodbye to each properly / should have some time. Not easy. Lots to say. Tears will mosts likely be shed. They are an amazing bunch (you know who you are), who I've been truly honoured to know. Love you all. Think I've grown too attached – last 2 weeks have been been the start of weaning me off. And I dont like it.

however, as the VC said, looking forward…. Next few days I'm on campus seeing other peoples' graduations, meeting up with people, umpiring a hockey match, some cheeky drinks – and generally having a good time again. yay.
then off with Gav on friday to an old friend's houseparty near cambridge (on the saturday), and home to scotland on monday.

home = gap year organisation = buying lots / spending money. something i am particularly loathe to do atm, since I am convinced I dont have enough before I go travelling as it is. however, sister is back from her South America trip at the end of the month – so shall see her for a few days –then I'm off down south to Cat's 23rd party, before off up and away for 11 months…......

also other news – am looking at PhDs again, because will need one if I'm serious about a career in new energy technologies (or something on those lines). have been speaking to various people – not sure its going to be easy to sort something over 12 months in advance though. not sure I want to do a PhD yet. there be 3 out of 15 people in our course who still havent decided what they want. I be one.

anyway – negative has been bit too highlighted up to this point, so I shall finish by saying WOOOOOOO ! finished degree. and getting excited. 26 days to go…....

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  1. You had an amazing time at uni and you got a great result! What could be a better outcome :)

    17 Aug 2006, 00:41

  2. what is up with comments atm? What followed the previous: you got a great result! What could be a better outcome :)

    17 Aug 2006, 00:42

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