December 08, 2005

bournemouth hockey tour

was awesome !!

left on saturday – I was the driver of the "pimps and hoes" bus (the others being army, chavs and superheroes) – hence missing out the bad part of a severe day of drinking and carnage. This day last year finished me off after a rather long week…... so was glad to enjoy it this time.

got to the hotel late evening – same place as last year – though why they ever wanted us back i dont know, and quick turn around (no dinner) before heading to a club in town, "Elements". Everyone except the drivers absolutely trolleyed at this point – prob a good thing since £8 !! entrance and bottles £4.20 each. I only spent £25 but mainly due to being mentally exhausted – still a good night out dancing and socialising.

Had already lost one hockey girl by this point as she had trapped/sliced fingers in a minibus door at the hotel – didnt actually take any part in tour and had to go home in the end

Missed breakfast because slept in – then changed into hockey kit, and collected our new "lovely" purple tour shirts (plums out) – and drove off to play Bournemouth Uni. I was appointed the Tour Captain – an honour given to a non-exec finalist – dead chuffed. Anyway we started poorly due to no warm up / hangovers / general not bothered – and they wanted revenge after losing the last 3 times we'd played them (twice in Spain on tour) – so were 4–2 down at half time. Gave them all a bollocking and reminded them in 14 years we'd never lost on tour (but Plymouth Uni for the first 13 of those years were rubbish) and we got back into it – ended 5all although we would have won if the first team strikers had ever passed, put balls into open nets or even not missed penatly flicks !!!

Anyway honour restored, and back to hotel (slept) before off to pub for a circle (5 pints) followed by the Vodka Challenge (3 triples bang bang bang) – then across the road for a curry. A certain first team striker proved to be a k**bhead as well as acting like one (popadom in my face lovely) due to pouring his own pints when got back to the hotel bar….. Stayed up until about 4am – all good banter – a small group apparently ran back naked from the curry house too…

Drove AGAIN on the third day, Monday, (having missed breakfast again) out to paintballing – where our bus + army bus kicked the sorry arses of the opposition (4 games to 1) – all in all, I captured the flag, killed 14 people and only got shot twice (once was with 5 seconds to go and i went kamacazi for a bell). Our president, tour sec and the new pisshead of tour (hehe – my "co"-driver) then were running targets for the remaining ammo at the end…. poor people – the screams…...

Back to hotel shattered – slept again a bit – missed dinner (snacked on my huge supply of sweeties and biscuits) before heading out to a Yellow card pub (£2.50 for a pint and a bottle !) and then headed into Bournemouth Uni student's union – the "Old Firestation" where it was school dayz theme – had lots to drink due to me refusing to drive on the last day – and really enjoyed the night out, playing pool, drinking and dancing.

Made it to breakfast – then went shopping with the tour sec and one of our social secs to go shopping for "awards" for tour antics – no hangover somehow…. packed up and left. Drive home took 3 hours from Bournemouth, via Heathrow to drop 2 people off, and then to Coventry. Never been quite so concerned / needed seatbelts more…..
Then pleasant task of cleaning the buses out… lovely

All in all excellent fun – good activities – better organised than last year – didnt destroy myself or spent quite as much, but felt like i got to know everyone much better (guys and girls) and had a great laugh
Worth every penny

Absolutely shattered – slept for 13 hours last night…...
Project work beckons – done sod all all day

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  1. Alex

    Are you Gav/Gavin Vere, if not do u know how i can contact him?

    20 Feb 2007, 18:36

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