May 14, 2006

gap year

Monday is (hopefully) paying day for my RTW ticket – going to be about £1600 (finally found a good price)

So a more detailed plan is:
01Aug 06: Fly to New York
probably Trek America (camping) for 4/5 weeks across US going west
15Sep 06: Fly from LA to Cook Islands (1 week there)
23Sep 06: Fly to Fiji (2 weeks there)
08Oct 06: Fly to Auckland – and head to Auntie Anne's for my 22nd birthday – then next 4 weeks travelling around the lovely country that is NZ
12Nov 06: Fly from Christchurch to Sydney

then I've got 3 and a half months to work (dont know what yet – probably outdoors / easy), and travel in a loop around Eastern Oz (down coast back to Sydney at the end). Also will hopefully meet up with 2 uni mates (one being Mike) who are going to be in Sydney from Jan–>May 07

03Mar 07: Fly to Singapore
prob one month overland through Malaysia and southern Thailand's beaches to Bangkok – arriving early April. Then hopefully meet up with Kate Frost (old friend) and travel and cycle around SE Asia – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam – during April and May

31May 07: Fly from Bangkok to Katmandu (if safe)
then overland via Delhi and down through India
10Jul 07: Fly from Bombay back home

Anyway – that is the plan! Dead exciting…... :D

May 11, 2006

time flyeth by

yeh – end in sight – time to actually go book gap year really. I.e. get of my lazy arse and organise the next (rather expensive) year of my life.

I fear that less sun–bathing, and more doing useful things is the action required…

May 08, 2006

some motivation for all the finalists out there

in my opinion there are 2 tragedies that regularly occur in human society: death, and people failing to attempt to reach their full potential

so for those who are struggling to concentrate on revision atm:

its your final year at uni
you've spent 3 and a half years to get to this point
and now it all REALLY matters
and i believe you're really quite capable of getting a good mark – since you've already made it this far

anyway – good luck people

May 05, 2006

shiiiiiny postery goodness


though not as good as Gav's apparently – due to Rich D's quote of: "does it make you moist?". Funnier still if you knew who that was directed at…

hahaha – quotes galore recently


calm before the storm

donno – things just seemed quite chilled the last few days. Haven't started revision yet (thats this weekend) – but have been trying to get gap year sorted – so much to do etc – but surprisingly its not getting to me at all.

Very laid back attitude atm – quite nice. Also fun playing cricket for first time in 5 years – still can bowl and have a bit of a slog at the slower bowlers – all good really.

Yeh – just donno really what to make of this week – enjoying it anyhow

May 03, 2006

the end result

Writing about web page /gavinalexander/entry/a_man_with/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

these be the tartan trousers in action – wayhay!

cocktail party tartan

May 01, 2006

how odd

Couple of really surreal / bizzare days, for several reasons. Hm.

As it turns out – I may have done a very foolish thing (or lots of) – although I am currently inclined to believe that its pretty awesome. And I take all the credit. Mmmwwwwhahahaa. For an unselfish act. And yet so so yay. Bounce

Now looking forward:
– have done my A0 poster
– this is my one week chance to book my gap year: MASSIVELY exciting :D
– the American Journal of Physics (AJP) want to publish our El Nino paper – joy !!!
– graduation registration looks fun….. eek

April 24, 2006


wooohoooo – done / finito / no exams (well for 4 weeks) :D

great to be rid of them – only 3 in summer too

April 22, 2006

small elephant off my mind

Feels lots better to have done over half my final year.
Three 15cat exams in 3 days is never nice, although 2 were a bit mediocre (shitty by my stupid overly self-imposed standards), 1 went well – so feeling a lot calmer. Slight annoyance since I thought I was massively prepared for them all – but hey, maths exams are never easy…

Ok my brain doesnt work right now (which is a small issue for revision over the weekend for 2 smaller exams on monday) – and I cant speak properly, or focus – but calmer. Next week I can concentrate on doing my poster, bumming round, and booking my gap year.

On that note – I'm actually really glad I've left it until now – since a 3 week trek in Nepal is looking preeetty unlikely at the moment – riots and unrest and all – so i now again have the choice of which way round the world I go. But this can all wait for next week.

Generally otherwise – not really had time to think about other stuff (e.g. career) last few weeks – shall be leaving that till later this term (after exams).

Hard to explain – but I can already detect the wind-down / finality of it all – and it depresses me somewhat – I quite often find myself reminissing about what uni has meant for me.

Parents are awesome sometimes – food aid packages of chocolate brownies (half 70% cocoa chocolate, half Bournville), easter cards, news clippings and even a Cd. I miss being home sometimes (food is boring me already – only 2 weeks since I got back). Though Easter was very quiet – didnt actually see any of my school mates (unlike xmas).

Anyway – playing some hockey tomorrow morning – really need the exercise – and I miss the routine too.

All I can say is "bring on Monday" – there is a damn fine bottle of Polish vodka waiting next to my computer.

April 10, 2006


ok this is getting a tad silly….

facebook pokeage

but who says i dont like it, or shouldn't return the compliment ? :D
facebook generally taking up too much procrastination time…

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