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July 21, 2008

Everyone knows mobiles are not allowed in petrol stations, but…

Petrol stations everywhere are plastered with warnings about not using mobile phones on petrol station forecourts lest a caller inadvertently blow the place up. Yet has it ever actually been done? I don’t recall ever hearing of anyone actually having been seen starting a fire with a mobile phone.

Static electricity seems a much more dangerous thing, yet there are few if any signs saying beware static electricity, or of the need to electrically ground yourself:

Yet anyone who has put their phone next to their in car radio will have heard the interference, and this is a known issue in military circles where every effort is made to avoid Electromagnetic Interference which is generally reckoned to have caused the accidental firing of a missile on an aircraft carrier off Vietnam causing several deaths. Modern planes are subjected to every test manufacturers can think of. Closer to home, a car’s ignition coils are shielded to prevent interference with the car radio.

So I find myself wondering… is this phone thing an urban myth to stop people rebooting fuel pump computers so that they don’t have to pay for their petrol?

November 19, 2007

This is what it feels like to be Superman

November 06, 2007

Headlines – Spice Girls – 5 girls still in search of a group

I finally heard the Spice Girls new record this morning…

They never really split up, did they, just went away and did other things for a while. Some successfully, some not so.

Whenever I see or hear them perform I am always struck by the impression that they are less a girl group and more five individuals who happen to be singing the same song at the same time on stage. They were never ones for dance routines or clever harmonies, they just used to do their own thing and they still do.

Even the current video seems more an advert for women in their undies rolling about than a full up music video. Was there a screen exclusivity clause in their latest contract in that they could never appear on screen with any of the others? And the singing, apart from the occasional contribution by Musical Spice, is nothing special…

In our celebrity obsessed time, Headlines, certainly. That’s all there is.

October 05, 2007

So easy a caveman can do it…

These guys are so in touch with their gentle sides…

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