July 16, 2008

British Justice is the best in the world

Ask any British person and they will tell you it is so.

Clearly we do it so much better than dirty Johnny Foreigner which is the reason we look down our noses at those barbarians overseas whenever they catch one of our nationals breaking their laws, and try to get them home with all speed lest they somehow become the victim of an automatic miscarriage of justice…

But is that necessarily true, or is it just good old fashioned nationalism?

I asked a couple of friends from other countries about this, and they tell me that people in their country say that their own national system of justice is the best in the world and they look down their noses at other people’s, including our own in this great country of ours….

It would be an interesting exercise, I think, to try to work out whose is the best. When people say one country’s system is better, what they usually mean is it is least corrupt, or least brutal to those accused of a crime. Justice has to be seen to work fairly and openly else people lose confidence in it and take matters into their own hands.

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  1. Everyone loves this country’s justice system until they think about it and find something they don’t like. I think the fact no one is pleased is a sign of some twisted sort of success in itself. The liberals think too many are in prison and the hang ‘em/flog ‘em think there aren’t enough. Therefore there must be the right amount, surely?

    17 Jul 2008, 00:12

  2. I think we have the best legal system in the world and this is perhaps proven in the fact that several successful nations continue to use a system based upon our own (the US, Canada, Australia etc.). It’s not without its flaws and of course there are various opinions on how to improve it or why the US legal system is better or why Civil law countries have better systems etc. But still, it’s a great system. And the great thing is it’s always improving.

    Having said that, I don’t think we necessarily have the best justice. And in this I do not necessarily fault the judiciary. Parliament is still not getting it right (take the recent detention issue).

    17 Jul 2008, 16:49

  3. I like the principle of English law and the ‘constitution’ – other countries have a written constitution which says what you can do. England has a list of laws constituting a list of what we can’t do. Essentially it says we’re free to do as we please until someone notices it’s a bad idea. I kind of like that implied freedom.

    So Hamid’s right – the best system because it can be improved and adapted more easily. If only we didn’t have governments ruining it, hahaha.

    17 Jul 2008, 19:00

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