September 12, 2007

A follow up

Follow-up to Walking to University from McGonigle's thoughts

Okay almost a year after that I finally get round to writing something else, and that's mainly since the article I did write came out more depressing than I intended it to be. Or at least that seems to be the case from the comment below. The idea of Blogging never really captured me, but I thought I would write another comment in case I worried Freshers.

Firstly, my first day wasn't actually bad. Just being a home student nothing really happened on it. The main reason I wrote an entry was because I was amused that I had walked to University from my parents house.

Secondly I thought a bit of follow up might be relevant, so my really attempt to summarise a year at uni before I get tired of the whole blogging thing for the year. Well firstly it's generally been far more busy than my first day.

I absolutely love my course, I'm now doing Biology and Virology. The vast majority of the lectures are interesting. I got very involved in the societies side of things, I'm involved in Warwick Volunteers, Pride, Sci-fi, Yoga and LARPs* (and on the exec of the last 3.) Which basically consumes all my free time in a most fun and interesting manner.

But yes, already getting bored of writing about myself, so I think I will end there.

* For the societies that aren’t that explanatory

Warwick Pride: the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Undefined, Trans, Asexual (and friends) group.

Sci Fi: Generally activities involving playing various board and card games, non-live roleplaying games or chatting about stuff (That may or may not have relevance to Science fiction or Fantasy.) It also has a mostly unused (but large) library.

LARP's (Live action roleplay,) Think along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons but instead of sitting round the table talking about it you act it out. Generally involving medieval style costume, and foam swords. Although there are also vampire and murder mysteries for the less active.

October 01, 2006

Walking to University

October 1st
My first day as a University student at Warwick, began with me getting up at 6 am for some reason, possibly nerves. So after an attempt to begin a morning routine for the rest of term I set of to University. Despite the weather being generally bad, it had cleared up nicely for the walk and as a result the whole thing was very pleasant, I got to see parts of Coventry I hadn’t before and for the most part the route was nice and green with copious amounts of ducks. The whole trip took me 1 hour 16 minutes to complete, and so established it as possibility (And that cycling would probably be very practical.)

Yet today didn’t really feel like a first day to much. For most people this will involve settling into halls, unpacking, meeting people from your hall, etc. I picked up an ID card, and picked up some leaflets in the Students union. So for some reason it doesn’t quite feel like a first day for me.

Most of the potential activities were made pointless by the fact I am staying at home, and the fresher’s events on today didn’t really appeal to me. Since loud music and hordes of people trying to loose all reason doesn’t really appeal to me.

I didn’t put to much effort into meeting people as with my ability with faces/names I need fairly prolonged contact to remember who people are. So I think trying with people in subjects/societies may actually result in me seeing people again. That and presently and I am sneezing regularly, and so I shuffled of home to be miserable alone.

Which really explains why I wrote this, the combination of violent sneezes and a lack of inspiration for my story means led to me writing this thing. I also apoligise if this turned out to be frightfully dull for that same reason. If I ever write again I will look for a more interesting subject than what I didn’t do

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